Things To Do At The Beach

The Fishermen

One of the best ways to explore a place and get to know things that are not written in a book, is to talk to the local people. When at the beach, the fishermen could be some of those people you would want to talk to. If you visit the beach at a time when they return from the sea with their daily catch, you could simply walk up to them, ask them about their day, their profession in general, and some insights about the place. For all you know, they might even hand you a recipe of a particular type of fish that is available only around that region. Getting to know complete strangers, who are different from you in so many ways, always is a learning experience.

The Photographs

Hundreds of photographers (both professional and amateur), gathered at the beach to capture that golden sunrise/sunset has become far too common a sight. Photographers of all backgrounds with all kinds of cameras are seen happily pressing the shutter away to carry with them memories of droplets of waves, grains of sands, the changing hues of the sea, and more such clich├ęs, for keeps, when they leave the beach. Do you want to do something different? Capture the less explored topics on the beach, maybe a stray who is afraid to go too near the sea, or a crow who tries desperately to pick a worm from the wet sand. You may also try to capture human subjects such as the young man serving at the popular beach shack, or the crowd thronging in and out of the beach area. Use your imaginations, and you will find a lot more to capture than the red ball of light moving up and down the horizon.

Sand Art

Here I am not mentioning the giant outlines of the heart you draw on the wet sand, or the sand castles you used to build as children. I am writing about actual sand art. Once again, throw your imaginations wide open. Whether or not you are an artist, try your hands at different shapes and sizes you can create with sand, and give life to them. As a regular visitor at the beach, art is one of the best ways to keep yourself occupied with minimal interaction, and no gadgets. Maybe one day, when you create sand art regularly, you might become the next Sudarshan Pattnaik.