Food Experiences in Indonesia

  • Satay. The Satay is probably the best-known Indonesian dish in the world, but one variation that may have escaped your attention is Satay Ponorgo. This is an East Java dish originating in the town of Ponorgo and is made from marinated chicken meat served with a sauce made from peanuts and chilli. This dish is unique however in that each skewer contains a whole chicken’s meat, not just a few slices, so it is a rather filling dish! This is a traditional recipe calls for it to be marinated in its special sauce for long periods of time before cooking. It is traditionally cooked in a specially designed earthenware pot roasted over hot coals.
  • Gado Gado. This is a basic vegetable dish made from cooked and raw vegetables in a coconut milk and peanut sauce. You will find this dish in almost every restaurant as well as many street vendors, where the peanut sauce is made fresh for each dish. This makes Gado-Gado more special word is served in Indonesia as opposed to the restaurants back home, where the sauces are prepared in advance.
  • Rujak. This dish is widely regarded as Indonesia’s national salad dish. Consisting of pineapples, bananas, green apples and cucumber, it is then dressed with chilli powder and dark soy sauce with a little brown sugar and a splash of lime juice and is absolutely delicious and refreshing. It’s something you don’t see very often outside of Indonesia so make sure you give it a try.
  • Nasi goreng. This is the famous fried rice dish that is served around the world, and is a simple combination of rice, dark soy sauce, chilli powder, onions, garlic, and brown sugar with seasoning. Serve it as an accompaniment to many dishes this makes a complete Indonesian experience out of any meal.
  • Sarikayo Telor. For a desert with a difference this Indonesian specialty is a steamed egg and coconut milk concoction flavoured with vanilla for the perfect end to any Indonesian meal.