Justice v r krishna iyer biography of donald

justice v r krishna iyer biography of donald
He also headed the Kerala Law Reform Commission in But, what about his life after retirement? Religion and politics V.

He lost the assembly election, which he again contested as an independent candidate.

Leaving a light, Justice Krishna Iyer passes away

He was appointed a judge of the Kerala High Court in He was a member of the Law Commission from to where he drafted a comprehensive report, which would lead to the legal-aid movement in the country. Rebuffing favour-seekers, he heard a challenge to this order in the Supreme Court. He was both blamed for granting a conditional stay and praised for refusing an unconditional stay. The next day she declared a state of Emergency in the country. He brought in safeguards against custodial excesses.

Rejecting special courts to try people with influence or "in towers of power" for their excesses, he cautioned against retribution against them in a knee-jerk response, even as he commented on their violations, [23] quoting an English verse thus:.

Documentary on legendary judge V R Krishna Iyer

He believed in correction and not retribution or vindictiveness in dealing with prisoners. He recommended that meditation methods of Yoga which he practiced, and which he observed in the prisons in the Americas and Oceania, could be introduced in the Indian justice system to help transform not just criminal tendencies in prisoners, but also help judges keep their mental poise invoking their higher values to have a better judgement of a case at hand.

Along with Justice P. Bhagwatihe introduced the concept of PILs Public Interest Litigations or "people's involvement" in the country's courts with a series of cases. When the history of the judiciary in India comes to be written, PIL will be glorified as the noblest ally of the little Indian".

justice v r krishna iyer biography of donald

With an eye on evolving the law for the future, he would often put in a dissenting note in majority judgments, even as he strove for consensus with his brother judges on the bench. Sitting on the bench and away from it, he would reiterate time and again a guiding principle that laws must reflect justice, and justice in turn, must reflect life as lived by the people, stating:.

justice v r krishna iyer biography of donald

He retired as a judge on 14 November but, continued to advocate the cause of justice, on every forum and through his writings, participating in street protests, [32] and his house would always remain open, bustling with all who sought his help [33] or advice. Venkataraman, the ruling Congress's nominee who won. Inhe inquired into the Gujarat riots as part of a citizens' panel, with retired Justice P. He also headed the Kerala Law Reform Commission in He had been active, almost till a few weeks before his death, when ill-health and advancing age took their toll on him.

He died on 4 December His wife, who would listen to him talk about his work, when on occasion he would change his mind after she gave her opinion on it, [37] had predeceased him.

VR Krishna Iyer, a Legendary Judge, Dies at 100

He has to his credit 70— books, mostly on law, and four travelogues. Aiyar's law of contempt of courts, legislators, and public servants V. Death and after V.

Justice VR Krishna Iyer: India’s Super Judge, Even After Retirement

Essays on press freedom V. Freedom of information V. Leaves from my personal life V.

justice v r krishna iyer biography of donald

Access to justice V. Towards a natural world V.

justice v r krishna iyer biography of donald

Ambedkar and the Dalit future V. Jurisprudence and jurisconscience a la Gandhi V. Minorities, civil liberties, and criminal justice V. The social dimensions of law and justice in contemporary India V. Social mission of law V. Lokendra Malik for writing the book which has a biographical sketch in a different way, different style, and I must unhesitatingly congratulate Eastern Book Company for bringing this book with a beautiful cover and it belies the saying don't judge a book by its cover". The audience was enthralled with a scholarly exposition of the book by Prof.

Krishna Iyer is a remarkable book in a number of ways The book released today matching with the stature of Justice Iyer also has an exceptionally beautiful cover, majestic get-up, and the best available paper, easy to carry for its size.

justice v r krishna iyer biography of donald

Rao, who has also contributed an erudite forward to the book based on his personal interactions with Justice Iyer in and outside the court, appreciated the book thoroughly, " Jesus Christ and Krishna belong to the masses and are worshipped by the common people.

In this sense, they are proletariat. During the span of 34 years, he wrote about books, attended thousands of meetings and wrote forewords to many books. Justice Krishna Iyer touch is always liked by many. He was there for all the people throughout his life. Whether the complaint was against a sitting judge or minister, he immediately responded.

In some cases, litigants could not get the certified copy of the judgments or get an early posting of their case. Sometimes, the judges felt Justice Iyer had no business in doing so.

If he felt that there was injustice, he became a street judge and took action even at the age of Whether for arbitration or to head any committee, judges are called for because of their commitment to the general public.

justice v r krishna iyer biography of donald

They have taken an oath to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India throughout their life and the same will not end on retirement. People see them as next to God for that reason, even after retirement.

If a judge is called to head a meeting, to inaugurate an institution or an event or to write a forward to the book or for an opinion, it is due to respect for the judicial system. Unfortunately, Justice Krishna Iyer left us on 4 th December,

justice v r krishna iyer biography of donald