Tim kaine biography newspaper article

tim kaine biography newspaper article
Tim Kaine probably is at the top of everyone's VP list". You won't miss anything.

Aboutemails from Kaine and his staff during his term as governor are publicly accessible from the Library of Virginia. Politico conducted an article of the correspondence and wrote that the messages show Kaine to be a "media-savvy" and detail-oriented "micro-manager" who is also a policy " wonk ". According to The New York TimesKaine "is widely described by newspaper in his political orbit as a likable if less than charismatic figure Kaine, a Roman Catholic, is personally against abortion[] [] but is "largely inclined to keep the law out of women's reproductive decisions.

Wade and women being able to make these decisions. In government, we have enough things to worry about. Renate dirix biography template don't need to make people's reproductive decisions for them. InKaine signed a bill to create a "Choose Life" license plateamong the more than Virginia specialty plates already offered, the proceeds of which would partly go to Heartbeat Internationala Christian organization that operates anti-abortion tim kaine biography pregnancy centers. Kaine previously criticized the Obama administration for "not providing a 'broad enough religious employer exemption'" in the contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Actbut praised a amendment to the regulations that allowed insurers to provide birth control to employees when an employer was an objecting religious organization.

tim kaine biography newspaper article

Inwhen running for governor, Kaine said he favored reducing abortions by: Inas governor, Kaine cut off state funding for abstinence-only sex education tims kaine biography newspaper article, citing studies which showed that such programs were ineffective, while comprehensive sex education programs were more effective. Kaine "strongly disagrees" with the ruling in Citizens United v. Supreme Court decision in Citizens United. Kaine personally opposes capital punishmentbut presided over eleven executions while governor. I have a moral position against the death penalty.

But I took an oath of office to uphold it. Following an oath of office is also a moral obligation. Kaine acknowledges the scientific consensus on climate changeand in a Senate speech criticized climate change deniersas well as those who "may not deny the climate science, but Kaine has expressed concern about sea level rise a major consequence of climate change[] and in particular its effect on coastal Virginia. Representatives Rob Wittman and Scott Rigell —to hold a conference on sea-level rise and "local adaptation efforts to protect military installations in the Hampton Roads area.

Kaine endorses making coal energy production cleanersaying that it is imperative "to convert coal to electricity with less pollution than we do today. He believes this will reduce carbon pollution. As a result, regulation of hydraulic fracturing remains in the hands of state agencies; the U. EPA cannot regulate hydraulic fracturing nor require a federal permit.

Who is Tim Kaine? Clinton's 'smart political pick' for VP a bipartisan favorite

Forest Service 's plan to close most, but not all, of the George Washington National Forest to hydraulic fracturing and other horizontal drilling activities. InKaine supported oil and gas exploration off the coast of Virginiasaying, "I have long believed that the moratorium on offshore tim kaine biography newspaper article, based on a cost-benefit calculation performed decades ago, should be re-examined.

I have participated in this debate for over a decade as a governor and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee. The DOD has been relatively quiet during this public debate and has never shared their objections with me before. Kaine supports the development of solar energy and offshore wind turbines. Kaine has said that he is "strongly for the regulation of the financial industry ," and he supports the Dodd—Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. It wasn't credit unions that tanked the economy, it wasn't local community banks that tanked the economy, generally wasn't regional banks that did things that tanked the economy.

tim kaine biography newspaper article

In the Senate, Kaine has supported the normalization of U. Kaine expressed support for Israel 's right to defend itself during the Israel—Gaza conflict. On the issue of the war in AfghanistanKaine's website states "The main mission in Afghanistan—destroying Al Qaeda—is nearly complete and we should bring our troops home as quickly as we can, consistent with the need to make sure that Afghanistan poses no danger in the broader region. Kaine is known for "expertise on the constitutional powers of the presidency" [] and has said that "war powers questions" are a "personal obsession" of his.

We all have to do better.

5 Things To Know About Tim Kaine Before Tuesday's Debate (And 1 To Hear)

InKaine argued that the U. You can't ask people to risk their lives, risk getting killed, seeing other folks getting killed or injured if Congress isn't willing to do the job to put their thumbprint on this and say, this is a national mission and worth it. He should not have done this without coming to Congress. Where I differ from this administration, and I took the same position with respect to President Obama, we are a nation that's not supposed to take military action, start war, without a plan that's presented to and approved by Congress. On December 11,after a five-month campaign by Kaine, the U.

tim kaine biography newspaper article

Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved by 10—8 straight party lines a measure authorizing military force against ISIL, but barring the use of ground troops. Kaine is a firearms owner. I felt like it was a statement that we were going to put some things in the rear-view mirror. Kaine also supports comprehensive immigration reform, which would allow persons illegally present in the U.

InKaine campaigned against an amendment to the Virginia State Constitution to ban same-sex marriage[] and in MarchKaine announced his support of same-sex marriage.

In the Senate, Kaine co-sponsored the Employment Non-Discrimination Actwhich would bar employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. InKaine said: During the presidential tim kaine biography newspaper article, Kaine noted that santie botha biography of christopher position on same-sex marriage was "at odds with the current doctrine of the church that I still attend. Conference of Catholic Bishops said that the church's position "cannot change" and reaffirmed their opposition to same-sex marriage.

InKaine supported raising the cap on income subject for the FICA Social Security payroll tax "so that it covers a similar percentage of income as it did in the s under President Reagan, which would greatly extend the solvency of the Social Security program. In the Senate, Kaine has supported the Marketplace Fairness Actwhich would allow states to require online retailers to collect sales taxes in the same manner as traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.

In JulyKaine said that the Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP agreement was "an improvement of the status quo" in terms of it being an "upgrade of labor standards Kaine supports some smart growth -style policies which Kaine calls "a balanced approach to growth" to control sprawl and improve transportation. Kaine is "generally pro- tim kaine biography newspaper article " and has received a 96 percent lifetime Senate voting rating from the AFL-CIO[] which praised his selection as vice presidential nominee. Kaine supports the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Actwhich expands the cases in which worker can sue against gender pay discrimination.

Kaine favors an increase in the minimum wage. Elizabeth Catholic Church in Richmond, a mostly black congregation, for 30 years.

He has played the harmonica for over twenty years, [] [] and often travels with several.

tim kaine biography newspaper article

Kaine is fluent in Spanish as a result of his nine months in Honduras. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And for Democrats, having a Christian missionary on the tim kaine could help appeal to more religious voters who tend to lean republican. It became a meme.

Below, Cenk Uygur does a good job explaining the whole thing. Tim Kaine doing in a campaign like this? And Kaine's amiable style has served him well. But Kaine's nice-guy demeanor has also raised questions about whether he would be able to play the traditional role of a running mate: In fact, he was one of Barack Obama's earliest biographies newspaper article in the campaign, offering his support as early as February As Hillary Clinton prepares to make her choice for a vice-presidential candidate, Bill Clinton has privately expressed his support for Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, according to three Democrats briefed on the conversations with the former president this week.

Clinton believes that Mr. The Opinion columnist Andrew Rosenthal on the vice-presidential debate, efforts to legalize marijuana and other news. Reproductive rights still have to pass through the eye of a theological needle. Readers, discussing both style and substance, disagree about whether Tim Kaine or Mike Pence won the debate.

Tim Kaine’s Radical Optimism

The Clinton and Trump teams each praised their vice-presidential candidates after the debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine. Mike Pence told Senator Tim Kaine, launching a new phrase into the online political conversation.

tim kaine biography newspaper article

He served under Mark Warner. He sought the endorsement of the N. Kaine recognized that there was no chance in the world that this would be his constituency. He was an urban mayor who had a different position on guns and on the N. So he approached the suburbs of Washington, D. Kaine broke with Virginia political orthodoxy; on the campaign trail, he spoke Spanish, he maximized votes from African-Americans and so-called New Virginians—Asians and Hispanics, and arrivals from liberal states—and he largely downplayed rural Virginia. He starred in many of his commercials, and voters described him as the more positive campaigner, even though that was not the case.

Kaine won by a larger margin than Warner. Inwhile Kaine was governor, Obama considered him for the Vice-Presidency, but campaign aides concluded that they were too similar, and Joe Biden had an advantage in foreign-policy expertise.

The following year, Obama named Kaine to head the Democratic National Committee, but it was a poor fit. Kaine does not inspire fear, and the position is part attack dog and part fund-raiser. In the midterm elections ofRepublicans made their largest gains in the House since ; some Democrats faulted Kaine for failing to prevent the drubbing, but most did not. A few months later, when the Democratic senator Jim Webb unexpectedly decided to leave after one term, Kaine had another opportunity to advance, and he defeated the tim kaine biography newspaper article senator George Allen.

Governors who go on to the Senate often resent the loss of their executive control, but Kaine liked the job. During a debate on immigration reform, he became the tim kaine senator to deliver a full speech from the floor in Spanish. He built up some foreign-policy cred by joining the Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees and by travelling to the Middle East.

Bucking his own party, he won praise from Senator Lindsey Graham and other Republicans by chastising the White House for escalating its presence in Syria and Iraq without seeking congressional approval. Kaine also flashed an interventionist streak: The choice is usually driven by one of two impulses: For Clinton, Kaine satisfied the first requirement—a kindred wonk, with few obvious blemishes. Most of them were meant to defray his political expenses, including forty-five thousand dollars to attend Obama campaign events in Although Clinton did not make a final choice until late July, the competition was partly a smokescreen.

From a list of more than twenty contenders, including the Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren and the New Jersey senator Cory Booker, Kaine reportedly was the only one whom Clinton invited for a second private meeting. What he lacked in tim kaine biography newspaper article he made up for in loyalty, expressed as political flexibility.

Kaine was willing to consider supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership until Clinton selected him, at which article he adopted her newfound opposition to the deal. He had also entertained the expansion of offshore drilling, a popular source of revenue in Virginia, but as a Vice-Presidential nominee he opposes it. The sole Vice-Presidential debate of was scheduled for October 4th, at Longwood University, a small college in Prince Edward County, a stretch of lush hills and farmland sixty miles west of Richmond.

In April,four years before Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of a bus in Montgomery, a sixteen-year-old girl named Barbara Johns, who attended the segregated, all-black Robert R. We had secondhand biographies newspaper where the pages were torn out. We had none of the amenities that were over at Farmville High. But when sohum shah biography of michael Supreme Court, indecreed an end to school segregation, Virginia resisted. Some counties simply shut their schools. Most reopened soon, but not Prince Edward.

In an act of historic defiance, Prince Edward schools remained closed for five years, longer than any others.

tim kaine biography newspaper article

Dorothy Holcomb was nine when the schools closed. At first, she and two brothers attended a makeshift school in a church basement. Most of them were just to clean up information already on his page, and they came from registered Wikipedia users. Read the full piece here.

Who is Tim Kaine?

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tim kaine biography newspaper article

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