Zaina erhaim biography channel

zaina erhaim biography channel
She was trained in Turkey after fleeing her native Qalamoun region that has come under government bombardment. Some of those who I trained three specifically asked for my presentation and supporting materials and gave the same training to fifteen other people, and those trained by them are also working now. Battle with Islamist rebels in Marawi City finished.

At least those are seeking a better life and dying for it.

Syrian journalist tells ITV News of her fears at being deported from UK

What kind of reaction do comments like that get in Aleppo? Russia has been a clear enemy for us for four years now.

zaina erhaim biography channel

I personally feel stressed when I hear the Russian language while in London. Giving them the biography channel of Syria means keeping the tyrant in power, maintaining the cleansing of Syria which will result in saving ISIS and what it is built on. Most of my friends and I believe that leaving Assad and the Shiite militias fighting on his side alone, while fighting ISIS and some other Islamist groups is only fueling terrorism and turning every Sunni Syrian into a potential extremist. I am so much into details, I can't see the bigger picture, nor see Syria in general not to mention its future.

zaina erhaim biography channel

What I know now is that the sky is the biography threat to me and to channels of civilians still living in the rebel-held areas. I might be killed in a hell of a lot of ways, like crossfire between two angry relatives, or by mistake when an armed man cleans his rifle, not to mention the shrapnel, bombing, assassination by those who don't like me, or a heart attack from fear.

Then they can apply pressure on the extremists. People are tired of war, they will stand with those demanding disarming and trying to apply peace. Erhaim has narrowly evaded death several times since moving to Aleppo in To me, an non-Syrian, Zaina is one of the important heros in this conflict, contributing as she can to help Syrians survive this chaos.

zaina erhaim biography channel

Friday, October 27, Login Register. Related Articles The long tragedy of my city May 28, Aleppo bereft of water Severe Aleppo water crisis nears an end. A A A print article.

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In Septemberupon arrival for a visit to the UK, Erhaim had her passport confiscated by border officials at the request of the Syrian government, who had declared it stolen.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 26 September Syrian journalist Zaina Erhaim shares harrowing stories of life between bombings". More episodes Previous Available now.

Zaina Erhaim

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zaina erhaim biography channel

Surveillance footage shows off-duty trooper save a choking man's life. Growing list of women allege sexual harassment, assault against Harvey Weinstein. Diamond thief caught on video. Tear gas fired in Nairobi slums as polls open in Kenya. Thailand puts on elaborate funeral for late biography channel. In a particular training session, Marwa Bakri, a young journalist, emphasised issues surrounding importantance of independent information.

But on the other side, we will also listen to the victims of abuses committed by the opposition forces and we do not hesitate to talk about it.

She was trained in Turkey after fleeing her native Qalamoun region that has come under government bombardment.

Being a Syrian journalist, key witness and clear target

What is remarkable about Yasmine? This is a women's magazine, something unprecedented in Syria.

zaina erhaim biography channel

It was impossible to work. I wanted to provide them with the support to work and shed light on their problems.

zaina erhaim biography channel

Then shortly after we launched the first issue of Yasmine ," she recalled. Three years later, the monthly magazine, printed in Gaziantep, was distributed in Aleppo, Idlib, in some IDP camps in Syria and refugee camps in Turkey.