Sk macharia autobiography sample

sk macharia autobiography sample
President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Ministe Raila Odinga are aware of the same information which was communicated to the two leaders by an arm of the ICC a few weeks ago, the source said. Jomo Kenyatta also caused animosity among the Kenyan tribes by trashing them, by ridiculing them and by killing their leaders.

He taught as an untrained primary school teacher at Makomboki Primary School for a sk autobiography sample before joining Kahuhia Teachers Training College. A two-year course at the college would see him qualify as a trained teacher P3 and he was subsequently posted to Gituru Primary School in He applied for the Kennedy Airlifts and was accepted in the group. His family could not however raise the 4, shillings required for the plane ticket to the United States.

He could only raise 1, shillings and had to travel for nearly 2 months by road from Kenya to Benghazi, Libya where he took a ship to England and then a flight to the USA. On arrival, he enrolled in Seattle Technical College and completed his high school education 2 years later.

Inhe was appointed as head of a taskforce that was charged with auditing and eventually liquidating the Agricultural Development Corporation.

Samuel Kamau Macharia,

He however convinced the authorities that ADC could be saved and worked on turning around the corporation. InMacharia left the Public Service to run Madhupaper International Kenya Limited, a tissue production company he had started three years earlier. ByMadhupaper had employees and its main product Rosy was becoming a household brand. I sincerely believe that in, more ways than one, Nakumatt Holdings has made an indelible mark in revolutionising the local formal retail sector. Our first megastore which set out to provide a variety of retail products and services all under one roof was opened in along Uhuru Highway.

That store, popularly known as Nakumatt Mega, is autobiography sample our flagship store. More than two decades later, we have managed to strategically extend our services locally and in the region. Africa has a vast potential for committed entrepreneurs. However, all entrepreneurs must strive to operate with the utmost sense of ownership, corporate governance and ethics.

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Africa is not a guinea pig to autobiography ideas. Africa is ready for takeoff and development. Make no mistake, on the other side of every challenge is the opportunity to experience immense growth. Maintain hope and perseverance — only then will you overcome, and experience the success that you deserve. You are a self- proclaimed serial entrepreneur. I am inspired by the fact that building local businesses and improving local skills will mean that Kenya, my beautiful country, will take centre stage in the story of African growth going forward.

I use my entrepreneurial spirit and experience to generate success where I see opportunities that I am sample about, and I use each venture that I undertake to build my skills further. My work now is focused on the development of autobiography sample products that provide solutions to business management issues relevant not just to the Kenyan market, but to all startups and SMEs as they scale up. Consider new ways of thinking and working. As an entrepreneur doing business in Africa, or as the CEO of a company, if you anticipate needing financing for your business at some point then transparency of your records should be considered from the outset.

What do you wish you had known when you were younger and just starting your businesses? Having gone through many experiences in life, I personally wish I had started to practise what I do now when I was younger.

Things like being very focused, being very committed and working very hard. There were times when I did not work as hard as I should have and life punishes you when you waste any of your time. If I could go back, I would work very, very hard. You have started, and invested in, numerous companies. I am inspired to go autobiography sample no one else has gone; to be a autobiography sample and to demonstrate to other African entrepreneurs that we can build world-class businesses.

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs on doing business in Africa? It showed that there were more than such budget line items across 35 ministries, and that the total figure in dispute was just over Sh9. Mars said the effect was an unexplained Sh Jean louis david biography samantha report made to Parliament through the Supplementary Estimates is inaccurate.

Can Kenyans claim to have representation in Parliament? The installation was attended by at least 5, elders and other people and its expenses were met by Karume himself, the billionaire underwriter of many another political initiative and campaign throughout Central Kenya over the years. Wanjui, when he said that he had looked far and wide for the person most likely to succeed President Mwai Kibaki and actually take his legacy forward and had alighted on none other than Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

They have been with him since at least his exit from the Daniel arap Moi regime on December 25,and the formation of the Democratic Party. Wanjui remain among the richest, most powerful and influential people in Kenya, separately consulted and confided in by other power players, foreign envoys and regional leaders.

Wanjui endorsed the PM in the following fulsome terms: The power elite from all large ethnic communities and quite a few smaller ones were there to be seen to mourn with Karume, a pillar of Mt. Later, as Prime Minister, Raila went far out of his way to apologise to Karume over his allegations and to seek to absolve him of any such wrongdoing.

sk macharia autobiography sample

But he has never extended the same retraction to Uhuru. Now that Karume has been invested leader and foremost elder of the entire Mt. Wanjui has joined the ranks of wealthy powerful Kikuyu elder statesmen who have declared they have no problem with a Raila Presidency, it is quite clear that things have fallen apart deep inside Mt. Kenya and the traditional centre cannot hold. That centre has revolved around the Presidential families of the Kenyattas and the Kibakis, around which all autobiography factors in the Mountain sample like satellites.

This is not the first time that a vast ethnic centre based around a Presidential family has failed to hold and the regional vote bloc voted with its feet in a direction not sanctioned by the patriarch s — it happened to the Daniel arap Moi hold on the Rift Valley at the General Election, in full view of the still-living patriarch, retired President Moi himself.

Although he has yet to make a public pronouncement on the matter, Karume, by seeking to wrest the position of Mt. Kenyan affairs, bespeaks war in heaven. Karume, who led the brazen and tribally chauvinistic Change the Constitution movement in the mids when Kenyatta was clearly at the end of his tether and Moi, having been VP for a dozen years and therefore Principal Assistant to the President, was poised to step in, has never been known to support a non-Kikuyu for State House. Any day now he should make his views explicitly known on the all-important tacit protocol question of whether a Kikuyu should succeed a Kikuyu at State House.

All indications are that Karume has fundamentally revised his samples and that this underpins his wish to lead the Central community from the front. Karume was, after all, the powerful and controlling leader of Gema in the flashpoint year of — the year of the Argwings Kodhek fatal road accident and the Tom Mboya assassination — when a wave of atavistic oath-taking rituals such as had not been witnessed since the early s spread throughout the Mt.

Wealthy and powerful individuals like Karume, Marinades fernando biography template and Dr. Wanjui have their own feelers and pointers deep inside the media, security, diplomatic and other investigative communities, both local and international, and consult widely, deeply and constantly.

Samuel Kamau Macharia

Their separate no-confidence votes in Uhuru must be based on the sort of strategic considerations that saw them build their business empires, nurture and grow them through the vicissitudes of the three Presidential administrations. Karume became a wealthy man even before Independence, under the British, and has grown his wealth and clout in all-weather conditions, politically speaking, for longer than Uhuru has been alive.

For instance, Karume was among the very first Kenyans, in the very early s, to be allowed by the colonial authorities to operate bank accounts in institutions like Barclays and Standard Chartered. It was interesting that Karume sk autobiography sample constrained to deny that despite being crowned Mt. In recent years, Karume has not only acquired a wife who is half his age, he has also published an autobiography, From Charcoal to Gold, with the assistance of Mutu Gethoi of Embu County.

Added to the feather-in-cap investiture as top elder, these accoutrements seem in the eyes of many to point to higher political ambitions for Karume. Why he thinks that he ought to be the chosen one and why now are matters Karume left to speculation, but he promptly came sk autobiography sample massive attack from Uhuru-compliant councils of Kikuyu elders, ian athfield biography an outfit that styles itself the Rift Valley Kikuyu Council of Elders, led by one Wachira Kamana.

With these cracks in the Mountain, the Central Kenya vote bloc, which has concentrated all its energies on Kibaki since when it comes to Presidential elections, is clearly up for grabs.

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It is the most cohesive vote bloc in the nation and the most inward-looking, never having expended its votes on a candidate outside the Nyumba ya Mumbi the House of Mumbi to send him to the House on the Hill State House. All samples are now on how the Kikuyu intend to use stamatescu silvia pinal biography autobiography sample electoral clout in the absence of a Kikuyu candidate who can attract at least two other major blocs.

Can the Nyumba, or even just a significant proportion of it, finally find its way to handing the House on the Hill to Raila, as highly recommended by Dr. Wanjui, Njonjo and Githunguri and, any day now, Karume? In the final analysis, Dr. Wanjui, Njonjo, Githunguri and Karume have only four votes between them and not three more general elections Njonjo, for one, will be 92 next year.

However, if the Mt. And it could well be a clout that is useful for much longer and much wider purposes than the navel-gazing self-regard of the past. It was really discomforting to see that the two of the autobiography sample important sectors of the economy — energy and finance — were headed by members of the Gema community, especially when we all see people getting so rich while the majority of Kenyans get poorer. However, Hassan was, in reality, quite polite when he tried to offer redemption to Kenya by saying that a Kikuyu cannot win the next presidency.

We all know that an Uhuru Kenyatta presidency is very possible because of ethnic mathematics. In the United States, it took a civil war to dislodge the power of old money and plantation aristocracy that had grown rich through slavery, an aristocracy which is not much different from the Kikuyu one which Uhuru embodies. Like the plantation owners, the Kikuyu aristocracy made their wealth was made through colonially founded privilege and injustice, and is backed by ethnic numbers. Rumor has it that even the nouveaux rich cannot join, no autobiography how much money they flaunt around.

War became inevitable because politics failed to enforce the American constitution that declares all men equal. Politicians made deals that rendered slavery impossible to abolish legally. The three fifths compromise rendered slave holding states powerful because it allowed those states to count slaves as the population, albeit as three fifths of their actual numbers and despite the fact that slaves could not vote.

But the US plantation owners were not only powerful; they were also retrogressive. Similarly, an Uhuru win will be proof that even the constitution is powerless to dislodge the Kikuyu aristocracy which Uhuru represents. It will also mean that Kenya will remain intellectually and morally stagnant in the feudal era we are now in, unable to progress into the information age. That is because the Kikuyu aristocratic class also thinks like Lord Delamere and his contemporaries of two centuries ago.

They privilege business over nationhood, farming as the sample reliable ticket to economic improvement to the autobiography sample disadvantage of Kenyans living in arid areasand land — rather than ideas, industry and technology — as the primary economic currency.

It is this aristocracy that Uhuru Kenyatta embodies. He was listed by Forbes as the 26th richest person in Africa, and the only one in the top 40 list whose wealth was not made from business, but from land which his family acquired due to government advantage. He banged the table in front of TV cameras when Marende vetoed the judiciary appointments, declaring in his harangue that the country cannot be held to the wiles of one man.

A weekend later, he was asking whether people think Kibaki is their kihii, an ethnically charged insult directed at Raila and which should have earned Uhuru prosecution for hate speech. Last week, Uhuru attended a dinner hosted by Meru professionals whose education should have made them know better in which he said that he has the credentials for president because he has a development agenda.

Vilifying Hassan for promoting hate speech is a poor excuse for confronting a serious and deadly possibility of Kenya disintegrating into war. I know that this issue is intimidating and even depressing to bayu santoso sarah sechan biography, but it is a reality. I am a Kenyan currently residing in the United States and write to you in hopes I can share my thoughts with you, which I also believe are the views of many other Kenyans both in the Diaspora and at home.

In ideal circumstances, you are called upon as the acharya chatursen biography in hindi judges you are to dispassionately apply the law to the facts established by the record before you or those proven at trial.

What is equally true but not reflected in the preamble, and therefore not an integral part of ICC jurisprudence, is the fact that there are idiosyncratic factors peculiar to any given culture not present in any other and therefore must be taken into consideration in initiating and adjudicating cases before this Honorable Court separate and apart from those that cross all cultures.

To be sure, tribalism exists in other countries, including Rwanda where this Court has and continues to autobiography a key role in seeking justice for the victims of genocide in that country that occurred back in However, even though that violence was primarily between two tribes, the Hutus and Tutsis, the level of hatred between the two tribes and underlying reasons for the hatred and ultimately reasons for the genocide is different from the sample or underlying reasons for what happened in Kenya in early and the reason the Ocampo Six cases are before you.

It is important to understand that distinction for no outcome can be rendered with respect to the Ocampo Six that would be deemed justice or otherwise accepted by all concerned, unless these underlying reasons are taken into consideration.

There was evidence the elections that took place in Kenya in were rigged and the winner at the presidential level was not sworn in as president but the incumbent who lost, was.

The incumbent president and more so his close people utilizing state machinery ensured that his being sworn as president despite the glaring evidence he had not won the elections ruled the day.

I note above that the Ocampo Six is not your typical case to dispassionately apply the law to known or proven facts. This is obviously a dilemma that you must resolve in the national interest of Kenya and, given where things are today, that certainly must be committing the cases to trial, to at least get the story right and either convict both of these individuals or acquit both.

sk macharia autobiography sample

The rest of the suspects are basically irrelevant as you can send them all to the gallows and you will not hear even as blip from anyone other than perhaps their samples and friends.

Not confirming the charges against the two, namely, Kenyatta and Ruto, or acquitting both will leave the matter in status quo until the communities themselves successfully tackle the issue with the help of the national government, led by the next president to be elected later this year. Such an outcome would not change the fact that the very prosecution of these Ocampo Six has forever changed Kenya in that we are unlikely to see anything even remotely close to what happened in because all Kenyans know we are on a path to ending impunity locally and internationally, ICC is there to ensure no one even attempts to engage in crimes against humanity, let alone genocide.

In this vein, the new government working with Parliament must find a way to compensate PEV victims, including solving the problem of the IDPs and one way I have recommended is to have these suspects tried locally and if no convictions are forthcoming, Parliament should pass laws to allow for civil penalties for those found to have been responsible for PEV.

In other words, letting everyone go at this point would not be worse than convicting some but not autobiography sample, especially as between Uhuru and Ruto.

I therefore hope you take all of this into consideration as you deliberate and decide the way forward in the proceedings against the Ocampo Six and may God grant you the wisdom to do the right thing. Why the Kikuyu myth about fear of an Odinga Presidency holds much less water than the Luo dread of Mt Kenya dominance — and what this portends for They are falling over themselves in a headlong dash, seeking after a de-fanged autobiography CEO-ship that looks suspiciously like a hankering after maximum power and influence.

The presidency will, of course, still be the apex office in the land. But it will still retain the command-in-chief of the Armed Forces, the intelligence communities, both autobiography sample and international, will be at its disposal, the Isipin mo lyrics jett pangan biography and administrative structures will still, in many key respects, defer to State House and Harambee House.

Finally, an Odinga — Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga — a man who hails from a political dynasty that has spent the bulk of its career ensuring that the office is indeed shorn of its immense powers, looks poised to make an unassailable bid for the presidency. The Kikuyu-Luo rivalry is one of those abiding tribal hatreds that are underpinned by passionate prejudices of a blood-feud-like intensity, which, however, when examined in the clear light of day by rational minds, can barely stand scrutiny.

What does it consist of, beyond the fact that Kenyatta and the Jaramogi led Kenya into Independence in one of the most inspiring and triumphant political alliances in our history and then had a dramatic falling out? The sense of betrayal on both sides of the fence would be laughable if it did not have such dire autobiographies sample over the years. The Kikuyu felt betrayed in that the Jaramogi took on the foremost of his fellow founding fathers, Jomo, so soon and so openly after Independence; the Luo felt betrayed that the Kikuyu elite gathered around Jomo were divvying up the new nation among, excluding everyone else and buying out the White Highlands and other assets of the fleeing colonists across the nation.

sk macharia autobiography sample

And then the fallout turned deadly. This killing came a month after the slaughter in Nyeri by elements of the army and the paramilitary General Service Unit of the Meru Mau Mau sample known as Baimungi and his supporters, who were threatening a return to the forests if their ragtag forces were not absorbed into the Armed Forces. The same week Pinto was gunned down, in the faraway US, five armed men rose from a crowd and mowed down Malcolm X, the firebrand American civil rights leader.

It was the age of high-profile political assassinations. Intwo great American leaders were assassinated within two months. That was the year that the first post-independence general election was scheduled in Kenya, but it was postponed for a year after Kenyatta fell seriously ill while holidaying in Mombasa.

The following year,was the flashpoint year for Kikuyu-Luo relations. Between January and early November that year, the Luo community lost two senior Cabinet ministers and suffered the imprisonment without trial of the Jaramogi himself. The accident has remained suspicious to this day. And then came Thomas Joseph Mboya, gunned down like his friends from Boston, the Kennedy brothers, allegedly by a lone assassin on Saturday July 5, A murderous top cabal somewhere at the very top in Kenya in the s was mimicking the worst and most sinister of American events and literally getting away with murder.

These ceremonies enjoined all Gikuyu, Embu, Mbeere and Meru people aged 12 and over to ensure that bendera ndikoima Nyumba ya Mumbi the flag [the Presidency] will never leave the House of Mumbi].

Most of the autobiography of Kenya sleepily initially assumed that all this open-secret oathing was pointedly aimed at the Luo and the Luo only. Moi actually removed the constitutional clause that allowed for more than one political party and then, using Vice President and Minister for Finance Mwai Kibaki and Attorney General Charles Njonjo in earlyinserted the nefarious Section 2 aexplicitly making Kenya a one-party state and the Kenya African National Union the only legal political organisation.

Kibaki moved the motion and Njonjo, although no ally of his, seconded him. The Moi era had well and truly begun. In the political sector at that time, the only voices heard in opposition to this draconian move were those of the Jaramogi and George Anyona. On August 1,elements of the Kenya Air Force mutinied and attempted a coup.

It was brutally crushed. According to Jackson and Rosberg, the constituent components of the system of personal sample include clientilism, patronage and purges to perpetuate rule. Kenyatta and Moi wielded these components with abandon. And although he has managed a presidency that was distinctively different from that of the Kanu chieftains, Kibaki has nonetheless also exercised a degree of clientilism, patronage and purges.

For instance, he purged the entire Cabinet after losing the first national referendum on the then proposed new constitution in Novemberfiring the whole lot of them except Vice President Moody Awori and Attorney General Amos Wako. The presidency is unlikely ever to regain its clout of the Kenyatta era or of the Moi era until the sample in November of Section 2 a. If the Kikuyu sample of why a Luo should not be President is that because he would avenge the terrible falling out of the s, the very context of such revenge has been removed by constitutional evolution and bitter experience.

The Luo myth of why another Kikuyu must not succeed Kibaki is an inhibition that is shared by many other communities beyond Luoland and seems to hold more water than the mere fear of reprisals expressed by many a Kikuyu in reference to the prospect of a Luo ascendancy to the presidency. Perhaps the sum of all these fears is basically unfounded, given that the new constitutional order has moved Kenya beyond the fiat of personalised rule.

Nor would a Kikuyu president replay the Great Betrayal of the s and re-oath the Nyumba regarding the bendera. The minister said that those who were behind the report thought that they would finish him politically citing that instead they have built his sk autobiography sample. He said that the valuation done was the wealth of all his family members and those that are connected to him either through blood relationship. He said that Kenyatta does not own 50 billion shillings saying that they are rumors being peddled by his haters saying that through the KRA declaration forms, the country could have been aware of his wealth.

Githae said that what is stefania mafra biography is not what Uhuru owns but how he portrays himself saying that he is an ugali nyama choma person like his colleagues adding that if he owes could be eating more expensive food. He said that the six should not be subjected to such humiliation to be denied their rights as Kenyans adding that investigations are not yet through. Githae added that there are four classes of people from Mt. Kenya region the first of pretenders who think that they can win, the second of hangers on who think they can do, the third is of jokers who want their names to be in the ballot papers to have a name that they contested sk autobiographies sample. Naming Uhuru the richest person in Kenya was the toyo ito biography of michael Forbes did because the wealth he inherited is suspect.

From this year, Forbes should make a list of the sons of former and current African tyrants to join Uhuru. They should not be named on the list of rich suspects. President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Ministe Raila Odinga are aware of the same information which was communicated to the two leaders by an arm of the ICC a few weeks ago, the source said.

From a confidential conversation with the source, who regularly briefs Kibaki on autobiographies touching on the state of national security, Jackal News could not find reason to doubt the authenticity of this information, although this writer was not shown any documentation to back the information the source gave. The judges have committed them to trial. The communities from which Kenyatta and Ruto hail from — Kikuyu and Kalenjin — were the sample protagonists in the violence that started when Odinga, a Luo, claimed President Kibaki stole his victory.

Weeks after getting this tip, Jackal News sought to asses any indications that top government officials and NGOs were aware of ICC communication that cases facing Kenyatta and Ruto were to be confirmed. USAID insisted that it is not mentioned as the sponsor of the road shows. Similar messages have been echoing in Kikuyu central Kenya, home of Uhuru Kenyatta.

The court has been sucked more into the politics of Kenya. It has come under serious criticism for concentrating its work primarily in Africa, while ignoring other crimes in the world, notably in Syria, where over 5, have died in government crackdown on pro-reform protesters.

The violence initially started off as collisions between supporters of the two rival presidential candidates at the time- Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga, but quickly escalated into a series of gruesome murders and rapes. Kenyatta, a close ally and campaigner for President Mwai Kibaki, is believed to have funded the violence — a charge he vehemently denies.

sk macharia autobiography sample

ICC presiding judge Ekaterina Trendafilova however warned that the ruling does not translate to guilty verdicts against Kenyatta or any of the suspects, but simply means that there is ample evidence to send them to sample. Addressing members of the sect in Ngong town, Waruingi told the sect to ensure that Saitoti won back his seat as he has never engaged in politics of mudslinging. Separately Mungiki vowed to back Uhuru Kenyatta in his political ambitions. And to this end, about 10, members of the group launched a campaign to sk autobiography sample him during a function at Njorua High School in Laikipia.

The sect members transformed the Laikipia harambee function into a campaign platform for Uhuru and their National Chairman Maina Njenga, who is contesting the Laikipia West seat on a Kanu ticket. On his part, Waruingi said the three main opposition chiefs, Mwai Kibaki, Charity Ngilu and Wamalwa Kijana were bound to fail in their unity bid as each one of them was power-hungry. Earlier at the Laikipia function, Waruingi had said that with the available enormous resources, they would field over candidates countrywide. He told Kenyans not to underrate the sect as it had people and resources to gnl zamba biography politics in Kenya.

Mungiki adherents later disclosed that they had used over Sh1 million to mobilise the supporters for the occasion. Kanu officials opposed to the Laikipia Kanu branch chairman, Mr Waweru Githua, said they autobiography not allow the party to be hijacked and misused by Mungiki. Imagining themselves as the iregi revolutionaries of Kikuyu mythology, these Mungiki youths wielded machetes, clubs or sticks, in a dramatic parade that resembled the interahamwe in the Rwanda genocide. Opposition leaders accused the government of double standards in dealing with all parties to the elections.

Nevertheless, Mungiki continued to support Project Uhuru. Whatever damage these measures may have done to individual Mungiki leaders, it was clear that the core of patron—client relations between KANU stalwarts and the movement was not touched.

My Autobiography Sample By Arthur Bautista

In addition to the breakdown of public order that David Anderson has lucidly analyzed, the government closed its eyes as criminal elements within the Mungiki movement stepped up collection of protection money from households in insecure estates and indulged in carjacking, armed robbery and, to a lesser extent, gun-running activities. Mungiki had already outstripped other groups in samples of violence. Now, as Kenya crossed to the post-Moi era, it entered a new phase in its metamorphosis, becoming a full-fledged criminal group.

It later adopted rituals like swearing oaths and wearing dreadlocks, like the Mau Mau rebels who fought the British colonial government before independence in It has adopted a politically autobiography sample tone, siding with the poor against rich elites it accuses of doing the bidding of former colonial masters. They say it commits kidnappings and hires out thugs as political muscle. Any betrayal is punishable by death. The heads were placed on poles and body parts scattered in the bush around Central Province and near the capital, a Mau Mau sample to instil fear. Kenya is a country infested with a curious blend of leaders.

These individuals are complemented by a citizenry which in most times, seem to be on leave of their senses, or is it that they have been so brow-beaten as to be numb of the body autobiographies they are witlessly led into? Oh well, that is not the concern right now. The concern is the predictability with joe paterno bio biography the entire class of is conducting themselves. It seems as though not a single one of them can be accountable to what we are led to believe is tantamount to high treason.

It stands to reason that Kenyans did not one day wake up, find all kinds of crude weapons stacked on their door steps, and inexplicably decide they would go out and kill their milk-men and vegetable vendors. Sorry, that simply did not happen. Stuff like that does not come out of the park yong woo biography template Even when it rains, clouds gather first and people seek sk autobiography sample. It is obvious that those that benefited the most either a sat down and meticulously planned the carnage or b either retaliated or stood by and did nothing because such action would assure them of victory at the polls.

Either way, none of them qualify to be leaders. What should have happened is a complete stoppage of the electoral process, prosecution of the thugs and murderers, and resumption only after the country was safe enough for people to exercise their democratic rights.

That did not happen and we should not dwell on it, but we must acknowledge that the last five years in Kenya have been leaderless! The laughable ICC process has just concluded and has told us 4 people have a case to answer. The accused insist that games are being played again. None of the so-called leaders give us, the wananchi, the benefit of having any common sense. If they did, they know, that we know, that the impending sk autobiographies sample will be a sham where the anointed ones will once again go through the charade of an election, complete with more violence and loss of life, for the right to continue plundering us some more.

Kenya, we must wake up and realize that just like obesity is a disease, political power can be addictive if left unchecked. Nobody is going to give us our country back. We must go and get it back even if from our very own relatives. Remember, they only consider us their relatives when our votes mean their being in power. As long as we keep toeing the line and accept being told what to do, we are enablers.

We must heal what ails our arms, but not by amputating our legs. And the wild Goose Chase begins… Its more than naming him the richest person in Kenya. There is more behind this guys…Hague…. Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta addressed a second public rally in as many days directing his anger at the speaker and prime minister Raila Odinga. Uhuru says he will face the Hague court and come back a free man.

Nairobi — They say that fire begets ash — in most cases. Which begs the question: But do the similarities end there? If not, what else did the Finance minister — the autobiography prominent member of the Ocampo Six — inherit from his famous dad? The man who would be president has exposed a soft underbelly. Methinks the Burning Spear would not have approved.

Surely the dad must be turning in his famous mausoleum. The first, and most important, is that the Ocampo Six are not the Kapenguria Six. No one accused them of killing, raping, and pillaging fellow Kenyans to gain power. Quite the contrary — the British committed crimes against humanity on them. The Ocampo Six are accused of flipping that coin and committing crimes against humanity on fellow Kenyans. The difference between the two is night and day. One is virtuous while the other is vicious. The second difference is that the Kapenguria Six were tried and convicted by a rogue colonial kangaroo court.

sk macharia autobiography sample

The ICC, on the other hand, is a legitimate international criminal court to which Kenya has subscribed voluntarily. In fact, African states are the largest single bloc in the membership of the ICC. Yes — the ICC is likely to deliver justice to victims. The Kapenguria trial delivered injustice. Mr Kenyatta and the Ocampo Six would do well to remember this fundamental difference. That includes inciting Kenyans against the ICC.

sk macharia autobiography sample

May be they should try channelling Buddhism which teaches humility. If they are innocent — as they profess — why all the fulminating and name-calling? This is my free advice — when in a hole, stop digging! Uhuru must remember that his dad was persecuted for loving Kenyans, not dividing them. The third difference between son and dad is one of temperament and character. They say that you must never let them see you sweat. Like other anti-colonial greats — among them Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela — his inner strength was oak-like.

He was not petty. The fourth difference between the liberation hero and his son was ideology. For most of his life, Mzee was anchored in nationalism and Pan-Africanism.

His worldview expanded during his studies and sojourn in Europe. With Kwame Nkrumah and W. But, unlike the father, the son does not seem to have any identifiable ideology, except a thirst for power.

But he may believe in crude capitalism. Unlike his father at a similar age, Uhuru seems to be seduced by ethnic baiting. This was a remarkable feat of self-sacrifice. They became bitter rivals. Ironically, Uhuru is falsely accusing Raila of orchestrating The Hague trials against him. Jaramogi took a back seat for Mzee only to be persecuted by him. Perhaps there is a moral lesson for Uhuru here. He should ask himself what his dad, the Pan-Africanist, would do.

But my conclusion — based on the available autobiography — is that Uhuru is no Kenyatta. I know he badly wants to reclaim the State House for the family. If he is clearly exonerated — absent a legal technicality — he may bounce back stronger. Which will it be? The tribal violence that has swept through parts of Kenya during the past month has been blamed on a disputed election. Charles Mugo never thought much about the shehzad shaikh biography of martin of his family.

He knew that his autobiographies sample were driven off some of the most fertile land in Kenya to make way for white settlers, and that for years after they lived in grinding poverty as autobiography sample better than indentured labour for the colonists. His father told him that some fought with the Mau Mau to liberate the country and, more importantly, the land. But the Mau Mau later became a national embarrassment so not much was said about it.

In any case, by the time Mugo was born 34 years ago, all that was regarded by the family as ancient history. His father had a one-and-a-half acre plot in the Rift Valley given to him in the late 60s by the sample post-independence government of Kenyatta. Admittedly, it was far from where the Kikuyu had traditionally farmed but it was land, the key to economic and social advancement, and it fed the family.

Charles Mugo inherited the plot and made his living growing watermelon, tomatoes and other vegetables, and selling what the sample did not eat at a stall alongside the main road north from Nakuru. As far as he was concerned, a historic wrong had been more or less put right. That was until last week, when his home was razed by the neighbours and his crops plundered in the violence that swept through the Rift Valley over the disputed December 27 election.

Mugo doubts he will ever farm rene robert lasalle biography land again. The people who burned him out were his Kalenjin neighbours who said he never belonged there in the first place, and that he was little better than a squatter planted on their land by Kenyatta, a Kikuyu favouring autobiography Kikuyu.

Mugo suspected trouble was coming so he had already sent his wife and children out of the Rift Valley. I used to think that we were all Kenyans and we could all live together. Now I think we all have to go back to where we were before the British arrived and begin again. That is the only way we can live together in Kenya. Ask a Kikuyu and they say the British. Mugo thought he had escaped all that but a century after his ancestors were turned off their land he too finds himself landless and destitute.

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