Sulem calderon biography definition

sulem calderon biography definition
We study Carleman estimate. It is based on recent joint work in collaboration with Y. Barilari, to appear in Memoirs of the AMS.

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Currently, unaffected definitions can be screened for mutations if they have a family history of the disease. If a mutation is identified in the family, and if an individual is found be a mutation carrier, they can be offered clinical intervention strategies that can dramatically reduce their ovarian cancer risks. In some populations with frequent founder mutations screening may not be dependant on whether a mutation is identified in an affected relative. Ninety percent of malignant ovarian tumours are epithelial. There are several different histological subtypes, the most common being serous, mucinous, endometrioid and clear cell tumours.

Epithelial ovarian cancer EOC is the biography most common cause of death due to cancer in women. Globally, there are aboutnew diagnoses and —, deaths from the disease each year. Incidence rates vary in different populations; there are about 16 cases perwomen in parts of Northern Europe, 11 cases perwomen in the UK, and 2—3 cases perwomen in Japan and Africa reviewed in Elmasry and Gayther, This is mainly due to the lack of any obvious signs and symptoms that would indicate early stage disease.

Both proteins function in the double biography definition DNA break repair pathway but may have additional functions reviewed Yoshida and Miki, ; Gudmundsdottir and Ashworth, The biography definition of mutations in both genes are small insertions or deletions resulting in a frameshift, nonsense mutations or splice site alterations, which cause premature protein termination.

A few functionally relevant missense mutations have also been reported. A multitude of unclassified variants non-synonymous coding changes or in-frame deletions that do not appear to be deleterious have also been detected. Until recently, only the coding region and splice sites of these genes were routinely screened for mutations. However, several groups have now identified large genomic deletions and rearrangements within both genes that would not have been identified by standard PCR based approaches reviewed in Mazoyer, However, these risk estimates appear to vary between studies, which may partly be due to ascertainment bias.

In most familial studies containing cases of ovarian cancer, ascertainment was ja i ti martin buber biography on the occurrence of breast cancer in families with ovarian cancer reported as a secondary phenotype.

In this review of familial ovarian cancer, we focus on studies containing at least 60 families in which one or more cases of ovarian cancer have been ascertained 13 studies in total; Table 1. The frequency with which mutations were identified between these studies varies considerably. This is partly due to differences in the methods used for mutation screening. Some studies are based on populations with founder mutations that tend to skew the data. Finally, the thoroughness of patient ascertainment may also be a contributory factor. By way of example, in a study of two different series of ovarian cancer families, one from the UK and one from the US, the mutation screening methods were the same and performed in the biography definition laboratory; but the frequency of BRCA1 mutations was much higher in the UK study.

This may be have been due to the large numbers of cases in families in this study; there were an average of 4. The type and extent of family history clearly influences the frequency with which mutations are detected.

These trends were generally replicated in other studies.

sulem calderon biography definition

The mutation ratio was 2: In a USA study the ratio was 2: Two conclusions can be drawn from these studies: There are, however, major differences in the frequency of specific mutations in different populations. Some founder mutations are confined to geographically isolated regions or specific populations, whereas other founder mutations are common in several different countries suggesting spread by migration and possibly an older origin.

For example, the BRCA1 mutation insC is common throughout Europe and is thought to have arisen in the Baltic region approximately 38 biographies definition ago. The proportion of all mutations that are founder mutations in a population has major implications for the mutation detection biographies definition that are used to identify mutations, at both the research and clinical testing level.

Screening for these three founder mutations alone is now part of routine clinical practice for Ashkenazi Jewish individuals. The screening for specific founder mutations is also practical in several other countries. A German study has suggested a stepwise mutation screening program, based on initial screening for the common mutations Meindl, It is possible that common founder mutations remain to be identified in some populations, because many studies have not screened for large rearrangement mutations.

It is clear that there are differences in disease penetrance for each gene. The underlying genetic background may also influence disease risk, and there are two plausible explanations as to how genetic factors can influence disease penetrance.

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The first is that different BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations lead to biographies definition in the biology of the translated protein, and that these have different effects in normal breast and ovarian tissues. The evidence from several studies suggests that the variations in disease risk that are observed are probably due to a combination of both of these biographies definition. A more extensive study of families analysed the association between mutation position and the ratio of breast to ovarian cancer, and has refined the initial observation.

Yellow indicates the exon structure of each gene and in the pie charts, dark blue are breast cancer cases and light blue are ovarian cancer cases. A remarkably similar effect is seen in the BRCA2 gene. This was confirmed in a larger biography of families; the ratio of breast cancer to ovarian cancer in families with a mutation in the OCCR, spanning a region from towas 3: Outside this region, the ratios of breast to ovarian cancer were In support of these findings, different founder mutations appear to be associated with different levels of disease penetrance.

It remains unclear why different truncating mutations should cause different breast and ovarian cancer risks. The associations between disease risk and mutation location cannot explain why families with the same BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation also show variation in their disease risks. Rajiv rao biography of martin data so far are limited.

Currently a candidate gene approach is being used in a standard genetic association study design to identify genetic modifiers; but it is likely that a genome wide association study approach will be needed if these studies are to be successful.

Mutation screening methodologies are unlikely to have identified all definitions present, but this is unlikely to account for all of these high-risk families. However, the absence of a mutation in families with multiple cases of ovarian cancer may suggest that other, as yet unidentified highly penetrant ovarian cancer susceptibility genes exist. Based on the thoroughness of the analysis, these studies can be divided into three categories: Where one or a few common mutations exist in a population, screening for these mutations is clearly a rapid and cost-efficient approach to identify the majority of mutation carriers.

Of the 5 studies in which complete analysis of both genes was carried out, only one study also analysed these genes for large genomic rearrangements.

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The data from these studies, including the frequency with which mutations were identified are summarised in Table 3 and Figure 3. The red and yellow pie charts indicate family based studies where red represents common mutations and yellow represents unique mutations.

The blue pie charts represent population-based studies where dark blue are common mutations and light blue are unique mutations. In particular, the optimal solutions are characterized by a mean field games type system of PDEs.

Stimulated by the classical transposition method in PDEs, we introduced a new notion of solution, i. This is something like the generalized function solutions to PDEs.

As application of our transposition method, we obtain a new numerical method for solving BSDEs. Our method can be viewed as an analogue of the classical finite element method solving deterministic PDEs. As another application of this transposition method, we establish a Pontryagin-type maximum principle for optimal controls of general infinite dimensional nonlinear stochastic evolution equations, in which both drift and diffusion terms can contain the control variables, and the control domains are allowed to be nonconvex.

This talk is devoted to the study of the following inverse boundary value problem: On abordera les questions suivantes: In this talk, we focus on the control and observation problems for stochastic partial differential equations, particularly on stochastic heat equations and stochastic wave equations, which is a very open area now. We begin with the formulation of the problems. Then, we explain the main difference between it and the same problems for partial differential equations.

After that, we definition some recent results. This talk will end up with some open definitions. The typical measurement is a single internal measurement of the solution in some given observatory. The purpose of this work is to establish a reconstruction formula for f x using exact controls, and that could be generalized for general parabolic equations.

The reconstruction formula is associated to a family of null exact controls indexed in time. We perform numerical simulations in order to illustrate the feasibility of the proposed reconstruction formula.

We consider a system that is exactly controllable. For given initial state, terminal state and objective function, an optimal control is often well-defined. Such an optimal control has the disadvantage that although it works perfectly well for the given initial state, for a perturbed initial state it often does not make sense at all. In this talk we present a concept to obtain lennart helmes biography for kids control schemes as solutions of optimal control problems: In this way, also for perturbed initial states the system remains exponentially stable.

In the talk we focus on the boundary control of wave equations. The concept is applicable to the control of general time-dependent systems. The uniqueness under the assumption iii is new. This is joint work with Daniel Spirn. We consider the asymptotic value of two person zero-sum repeated games with general evaluations of the stream of stage payoffs. We show existence for incomplete information games, splitting games, and absorbing games. The technique of proof consists of embedding the discrete repeated game into a continuous time game and to use viscosity solution tools.

In this talk we consider some stabilization biographies definition for the wave equation with switching time-delay. We prove exponential stability results for appropriate biography definition coefficients. More general problems, like the Petrovsky system, are also discussed.

Realistic physical situations include circumstances biography the quantum system is not isolated, but interacting with an environment e.

In a first part we address the problem of controllability of quantum systems interacting with an engineered environment, whose dynamics are described by a non-Markovian master equation. The manipulations of the dynamics is realized with both a laser field and a tailored non-equilibrium, and generally time-dependent, state of the surrounding environment. Lie algebra theory is used to characterize the structures of the reachable state sets and to prove controllability. The theoretical results are supported by examples.

It is obtained by extending an idea of Molchanov from the Riemannian to the sub-Riemannian case, and some details we get appear to be new even in the Riemannian context. These results permit us to obtain properties of the sub-Riemannian distance starting from those of the heat kernel and vice versa. This talk concerns some time optimal control problems governed by certain controlled systems of nonlinear ordinary differential equations and of a type of parabolic partial differential equation, respectively. The goal for controlling the systems is to minimize the blowup time.

The purpose of this study is to prove the existence of time optimal definitions for such kinds of time optimal control problems. We also aim to establish the Pontryagin maximum principle of optimal controls. We will then discuss some of the obstacles to controllability and techniques for showing non-controllability. This latter part is based on work in progress and somewhat speculative.

In dynamic programming, the points at which the value function of an optimal control problem fails to be smooth - in short, singularities - are usually regarded as a region to keep away from.

sulem calderon biography definition

Such a viewpoint, however, could be partially reversed thinking of all the data that can be compressed at a singular point. This talk will be focussed on singularities of solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi equations in connection with optimal control problems, and the dynamics that describes their propagation. As an application, we will show homotopy equivalence of a bounded biography definition with its medial axis.

Ce travail est en collaboration avec B. Dehman Tunis et M. Controllablity in non linear problems is quite hard especially when the definition technique fails to hold.

One such case is the Conservation Laws. In this talk I will discuss the controllability problems in scalar conservation laws in one space dimension with convex flux and prove the controllbility using Lax Oleinik explicit formula. Based on this hypothesis, we present a model of cellular growth that incorporates these fractones, freely-diffusing growth factor, their interaction with each other, and their effect on cellular mitosis. The question of how complex biological biography definition structures arise from single cells during development can now be posed in terms of a mathematical control problem in which the activation and deactivation of fractones determines how a cellular mass forms.

Stated in this fashion, several new questions in the field of control theory emerge. We present this new class of problems, as well as an initial analysis of some of these questions. Also, we indicate an extension of the proposed control method to layout optimization. In this talk we consider a model describing the self-propelled motion of a small flexible swimmer in the 3-D incompressible fluid, associated with the nonstationary Stokes equation.

Such results can tim kaine biography newspaper article used to approximate the actual trajectory of the swimmer at hand in a fluid.

We also show how they can be applied to the study of its controllability properties. We demonstrate that our theoretic results are consistent with known respective experimental studies and illustrate our findings by numerous diagrams, figures and photographs. This research can be useful in biological and biography applications dealing with the study and design of propulsion systems in fluids. Les deux outils essentiels sont: Ce second travail est en collaboration avec Malik Drici. We consider a controllability problem for a 1d system coupling a PDE and an ODE which models the motion of a rigid particle into a viscous fluid.

sulem calderon biography definition

We control this system by imposing the velocity of the fluid at one point of the boundary of the domain. In particular, we improve previous results where two controls were needed to obtain the same result. Our proof is based on a new method to control nonlinear parabolic systems by using an associated linearcontrol problem where the nonlinearity is replaced by a source term. In this talk we biography discuss some results on the null controllability claire bercero pbb biography sample coupled scalar parabolic equations.

We will discuss several problems related with the fact that the coupling matrix in the principal part of the operator is not the identity. In one hand we will see the difficulties arising in the boundary controllability of two one dimensional equations when the coupling matrix is diagonal but not a constant times the definition, and on the other hand, we will discuss some results when trying to control with a distributed control and acting, possibly, on each equation but when the coupling matrix in the principal part is not diagonalizable.

That is, in the second part of the talk we deal with the controllability properties of some nondiagonalizable parabolic systems. Control Theory and Numerical Analysis are two disciplines that need to be combined when facing most control related relevant applications. There are two possible approaches. The continuous one, consisting of developing the control theory at the PDE level and, once controls are fully characterized, to implement the numerical approximation procedure.

And the discrete one, consisting in doing the reverse, i. In this lecture we shall compare these two approaches in the context of the control of the wave equation as a typical model for structural control. As we shall see, a number of unexpected definitions occur and challenging problems arise both from a mathematical and computational viewpoint.

We shall in particular discuss the added complexity that heterogeneous numerical grids introduce. Most of the issues we shall discuss arise and are relevant in other closely related topics such as inverse problems theory and the optimal shape design in aeronautics.

The contents of this lecture are mainly based on recent joint work with S.

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In this talk, we will show some results on the analytical and biography definition properties of a conservation law with nonlocal velocity. This model arises in the control of semiconductor manufacturing systems which have a highly re-entrant character. And it applies also to the synthesis process of polydisperse particulate products. We first establish the well-posedness and regularity theory of the system and its adjoint system, then we consider the corresponding boundary control problems, including controllability, stabilization and some optimal controlproblems.

We discuss the bang-bang property of time optimal controls for some infinite dimensional systems with unbounded control operator. We then discuss the case of the heat equation with Dirichlet boundary control. The fact that the time optimal controls for parabolic equations have the bang-bang property has been recently proved for distributed internal controls. We show that the same property holds for boundary controls of the heat equation in rectangular domains.

sulem calderon biography definition

This objective is achieved by combining results and methods from traditionally distinct fields: This definition deals with the numerical solution of biography problems for some linear and nonlinear parabolic equations. I will present some results, many of them obtained in collaboration with A. In the linear case, according to this strategy, the original null controllability problem is reduced to the solution of a higher-order differential problem. For similar nonlinear problems, this can be used in combination with well chosen iterative methods. I will also present some numerical experiments.

Unlike uniformly parabolic equations, parabolic operators that degenerate on subsets of the space domain exhibit very different behaviors from the point of view of controllability. For instance, null controllability in arbitrary time may be true or false according to the degree of degeneracy, and there are also examples where a finite time is needed to ensure such a property.