Afschineh latifi biography of michael

afschineh latifi biography of michael
But following international pressure by family, friends, colleagues, various governments, and total strangers, she was released on appeal on May 11, I certainly don't think Afschineh made anything up but she does say how important it is for Persians to save face I wonder if some details might have been kept from her or if she has chosen not to see certain things. Even After All This Time:

It's a story about the immortal love of a father, the unrelenting determination of a mother, and a family of people who share an inspirational devotion to each other, to the attainment of knowledge, and to the importance of perseverance. In telling her per This is a fascinating memoir written by a woman who left Iran as a young girl right after the Iranian michael. In telling her personal story, Latifi presents a solid history of contemporary Iran and the horrors it inflicts upon its citizens, but she also provides an immigrant's perspective of modern America and the opportunities it gives to both its citizens and anyone who is lucky enough to biography michael it here.

Jan 15, Shari rated it liked it. While the book is not really all that well written I did find it compelling and particularly interesting that Afschineh and her sister Afsaneh managed to not only survive their separation from their mother and family but to grow into highly functioning and emotionally stable adults. Mar 20, Shawna rated it really liked it Shelves: This is probably the fifth memoir I've read by an Iranian woman who has had to leave Iran and immigrated to the west.

I found this book to be very readable. I was epecially caught up in the segments where they biography the Latifi girls were forced to live with their uncle who was less than thrilled to have them in his home. I was amazed by the fact that these girls were simply dropped into public school without knowing a word of English, yet they managed to perservere -- learning the language by wat This is probably the fifth memoir I've read by an Iranian woman who has had to biography michael Iran and immigrated to the west.

I was amazed by the fact that these girls were simply dropped into public school without knowing a word of English, yet they managed to perservere -- learning the language by watching cartoons and television commericials. It reminded me that immigrants are willing to work hard, and endure nearly unbearable hardships for years in order to make it in this country, whereas most people who were born here, don't make half as much of an effort.

Jan 11, Bethany rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was sad at the end of this book: Through these pages, I came to know and love Afschineh and her family. I almost felt as though I was a part of all they had gone through. Even After All This Time is a fantastic picture of family.

Beautiful book - I ended up reading it in one day! Not uncommon for me but it definitely has to catch me for a one-day read and this one fits. Her story becomes more touching after she and her sister come to America while her mom and brothers are still in Iran.

And in the end, when she honestly writes of how her childhood tragedy still affects her current life and relationships, I shed a few tears. Actually I cried a gough whitlam biography summary form time while reading the book - it was really beautiful.

afschineh latifi biography of michael

Jun 11, Jessica Fraser rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. From the first chapter it sucked me in deep and enlightened me to a reality I did not know existed. I read this after the Kite Runner also set in a similar setting though this being non-fiction it really broadened and expanded what I had already learned. This should be required biography michael in schools! Jun 11, Sahar rated it it was amazing. I actually liked this book so much and found it easy to relate to. I realize the whole "women escape from Iran" biography genre is over saturated, this one does not focus on the exodus but rather the longer term effects while growing up in the U.

As a side note: I actually became pen pals with the lovely author and little does she know she actually helped me with some law school advice. Sep 16, Yvonne rated it it was amazing.

I could hardly put this book down all weekend.

afschineh latifi biography of michael

A well-written true account of the author's life as a child in Iran, the execution of her father during the Revolution, and her subsequent move and life in America. It brought me to tears several times. Aug 07, Michelle rated it really liked it. The story really stays with you.

It is amazing how strong woman can be. It is astounding the events these people had to go through. Once again make one grateful for the life they have been fortunate to live. Jun 02, Carly R rated it it was amazing. Afschineh Latifi's biography of michael of the Iranian Revolution, her father's murder and the difficult transition to America is vivid and heartbreaking. I would highly recommend it as a beautiful memoir of pain, triumph and perseverance.

Jun 16, Anna Kendig rated it it was amazing. The prose of this book is not really that great, but the story itself is truly fascinating. I love persian culture, too, and the historical pieces are well-woven into the personal history of the family.

A good, fast read. Nov 10, Rafael.

afschineh latifi biography of michael

I am begging this book and there is already biographies of michael, families issues and bonds. From the second i saw this cover i have liked this book. Sep 15, Rachel rated it liked it. Biographical story about a girl from Iran and the struggles she went through father killed, growing up without their mother in Austria and then America.

Very interesting, but sad. Her mother was incredibly strong Sep 20, Veronique Launier rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can't remember a book that affected me emotionally quite as much as this one. I was a crying mess through a lot of this book. It's not the saddest or most tragic story I have read, but it was presented in a manner that I really connected with emotionally.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Never had mayhem brought more peace. All our lives we had been taught the virtues of behaving, and now we were discovering the importance of misbehaving.

afschineh latifi biography of michael

Too much fear had tainted our days. We were rebelling because we were not evil, we had not sinned, and we knew nothing of the apocalypse. This wasthe year that showed us we could make our own destinies. We were rebelling because rebelling was all we could do to quell the rage in our teenage veins.

Even After All This Time: A Story of Love, Revolution, and Leaving Iran

Together as girls we found the courage we had been told was not in us. Remarkably, she manages to re-create a time and place dominated by religious fanaticism, violence, and fear with an open heart and often with great humor.

Hakakian was twelve years old in when the revolution swept through Tehran. Moaveni's move to Iran inafter a short stint in Egypt.

Her first instinct is sound, namely to assume she knows nothing.

afschineh latifi biography of michael

Reporting on the Tehran michael riots ofbefore she moved to the country full time, Moaveni found that the events "breathed life into my conception of Iran. While Iran's hard-liners were scoundrels, the biographies were ineffective and divided, particularly on whether or how to engage with the United States.

The person who came to personify that diffidence was Iran's former president, Mohammed Khatami. Twice elected with large majorities, Khatami was for a long time Iran's great liberal hope. Though hardly at one with the obdurate clergy, the president was nonetheless a product of the clerical order, and never considered overthrowing it. Instead he sought, and achieved, looser restrictions in some domains of Iranian life, such as the way females dress.

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But his efforts to expand an independent press met with a withering hard-line backlash that Khatami did little to challenge. It would have taken a revolutionary figure--one willing, perhaps unwisely, to carry the battle into the streets--to break the stranglehold on the Iranian state by a bevy of unelected conservative-controlled institutions, at the top of which sits supreme guide Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. By the end of his mandate, Khatami was more an biography of disappointment than longing, though his legacy continues to be debated.

Moaveni michaels us many fragments of this confrontation between Iran's contending impulses of emancipation and repression, in particular a chilling account of how the regime's goons savagely beat demonstrators gathered after a soccer match. When the crowds began shouting "Death to Khamenei," police reacted by attacking the unarmed civilians, including women and children, with batons.

afschineh latifi biography of michael

Moaveni, who was injured in the fight, makes it clear this brutality was but one of countless humiliations suffered daily by Iranians, especially youths. Moaveni has a sharp eye for the popular culture of middle-class Iranians. High to Low Avg. Customer Review Publication Date Most reviews.

afschineh latifi biography of michael

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afschineh latifi biography of michael

Sign in New customer? Items in your Cart. Afschineh recalls that they had no choice but to take command of their lives. The overwhelming responsibility of virtually raising themselves had stripped from them any semblance of a childhood. Yet, there were laughter and happy times as they made friends and established a small social network.

Afschineh Latifi

Continuously frustrated in her efforts to obtain visas for herself and her sons, she managed to remain optimistic and put on a brave front for the sake of the girls. Finally, in MayMrs. Latifi and the two boys made their way to America, joyfully reuniting with Afschineh and Afsaneh.

As they readjusted to being a family, many hurdles still lay ahead.