General michael barbaro biography examples

general michael barbaro biography examples
Clean Thursday, April 20, It's not an area where I feel comfortable. And what is the greatest opportunity?

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To earn it, designees must meet standards of biography examples, production, education, ethics, and provide recommendations. It is designed to elevate professional standards and enhance personal performance. Clear this text input. Toxic Chemicals at the E. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Mr. Kelly, and Rohingya Atrocities A surprise news conference in Washington featured the chief of staff, and a Rohingya survivor told one of our correspondents her story. Inside North Korea The U.

Just wanted to say thanks for the content. My girlfriend gets mad because I listen to it loudly in the shower and the general michael barbaro jingle wakes her up. In a time when people pull the fake news card on whichever news source they find inconvenient to their belief systems, it would be really beneficial to understand the procedures in place at the NYTimes to vet stories. I feel like there has not been enough communication on the part of NYTimes, WaPo, and other news sources to explain all the hoops legitimate journalists must jump through before they can publish a story.

Michael, I really like a lot of your work.

general michael barbaro biography examples

The run-up was fantastic, and you dive super deep into some issues. I ask because of the coal episode were you really took the guy at face value, when he should have been pushed for scientifically inaccurate views. Listen everyday, Id like to see more coverage of the conflicting reports coming from the right, I think its important to expose people to that side of the conversation and expose it for its untruths and partisanship.

general michael barbaro biography examples

I first want to thank you for doing all the great things you do! I wake up in the morning looking forward listening to you and your team's podcast on my way to work. Are there changes you envision in the world of journalism and reporting that either is in your opinion attainable or would be nice to see in your lifetime?

Also, what can regular non journalist citizens do to support you and the likes other than just going out and subscribing to the NYT? Keep up the great work and thank you for not allowing our government to shut you and other journalists out.

general michael barbaro biography examples

In order of your questions. We design the show to not age out, or expire. We want it to have enduring value, no matter what developments occur in a story. When I entered audio, I did not fully grasp just how intimate this medium is, or how deeply it would connect me with listeners. Just want to say I'm constantly amazed by the podcast. Even those episodes where I read the description and I'm like "meh" I always learn something and I'm endlessly impressed by the beautiful production.

I've always thought This American Life was untouchable as Best Pod Ever, but you guys are really coming for the crown. You should be immensely proud of the show. It's a beautiful, thought-provoking creation and it makes a lot of folks' lives better every day.

Can you defend the choices you made in that episode, considering how clearly irrelevant and often-times wrong it was to how the WH operates author kurt vonnegut biography summary the end results to everyday citizens? From that episode and other NYT pieces it's clear that Ivanka and Jared are very important sources for Maggie Haberman's work, and that seems to be affecting the journalistic quality of your institution.

Do you feel the NYT has an equal responsibility to report palace intrigue as they do legislation, especially considering we have a TV-game-show-host POTUS, that specialized in palace intrigue for attention professionally? Do you see it as general, or do you think that they can lift themselves above the fog of the Russia investigations? Where do you see these michaels barbaro going, and where do you think this administration is headed? Do you think that an impeachment will take place, or do you think that the president will resign, claiming biography examples along the lines of that the media was too general michael barbaro biography examples to him to let him do his job?

I love the show. Recently you've been doing more long-term stories and cram the daily news into the final section. It feels like you're trying to broaden the show into a more general news show rather than a "Here's what else you need to know today" type of thing. While I've valued your long term news stories I miss having a more lengthy section on the state of the world.

Is this balance going to continue to broaden or are you going to keep some large portion of the show on the daily hot topics? My one concern about the show is that you often play very deep and interesting pieces from trump supporters giving them a voice in a very liberal media world I'm liberal but like hearing their story. However there isn't really any engagement, opinion or analysis given on what they say, therefore giving them a blank slate to spread their thoughts without any discussion with them.

I've really been enjoying The Daily lately. It's been helping me digest some of the bigger and harder-to-cope-with stories that have been coming out of D. After the shooting in Virginia this morning, it's even more worrisome that the U. How do you choose general michael barbaro biography examples to cover in the show? You guys have a great way of balancing what's going on in the world and at home, but today you didn't cover the story about senators suing Trump over the emoluments clause. I understand that there's a lot of news to cover, but what's your process for what's going to be covered?

In this era of hyperpartisanship, it's incredibly easy to become trapped in a bubble where the only information you receive is information which confirms what you already believe. Thus, it's increasingly important to actively search for content that challenges your personal views.

New York Times Reporter Agrees That Paper ‘Quietly Outed’ James Franco

Hey I listen to the daily every morning on the way to work. Thanks for doing the show and the AMA. My question has to do biography examples the comey hearing. He general michael barbaro a New York Times article that was published that he claimed wasn't true. You guys still stand by the article. I was wondering why did you guys decide to stand by the article and do you believe the information you were given was true? My favourite episode that you did was with the W. Can you describe what was going through your mind during the interview? Did it ever occur to you to inform him that automation and new technologies were taking jobs away from people, and not laws or regulations?

Do you feel it is hard to keep up with the constant barrage of breaking news? And to follow up, do you fear we are distracted as a country by Trump's antics giving congress the ability to sneak through terrible legislation, such as the roll back of Dodd-Frank regulations, etc? Big fan of you and The Daily! Was it hard to convince the team down at NYT to put out a free podcast? Do NYT writers get annoyed with you general michael you ask for an interview?

Also how much time do you put into the podcast? Finally, do you actually make it day of and publish it at 5 AM or so you make it the prior day? The Daily is the first thing I listen to everyday. You do a great job of picking stories to cover and I like your interviews with the reporters who broke major stories for the Times.

Thank you for this work! Are there any podcasts or shows you take as biography examples What news or political podcasts, if any, do you listen to regularly? Hi Michael, big fan of The Daily. Thanks for the great work. And how do you describe the single purpose that deeply motivates you every example I've recently made your podcast part of my morning routine. Just wondering, why didn't you warn us before the John Shields episode? I thought I was getting my general michael update on current affairs, but instead I cried my way to work and then didn't get anything done all day.

Great episode, but not a great way to start a workday. I listen to your Podcast every day. I love the soothing tone of your voice! I also love how you can talk to literally anyone and be able to somehow understand where they are coming from Main one that sticks out to me is the Coal Miner you interviewed. I don't have a question I just thought I example leave a comment for you. What do you really think of the man, trump? You've seen him when he's less? What do you think of the political situation in Asia as it relates to the US withdrawal from its leadership role there?

TPP was not so great, but maybe we shouldn't have just walked guler okten biography of christopher. Trump biographies examples generally disregard NYT's reporting by pointing out that the information is from unnamed "sources. How did your time at your college paper shape your current career?

I had the opportunity to write a little for my alma mater's newspaper and I'm just curious on how it shaped you. Hi michael, i just wanted to stop by and say how much I love the show. Im a long time fan and always enjoy waking up every morning and listening to whats happening in the world. Keep up the great work, you and your colleagues are providing us all a great service.

Michael Barbarro, I listen to your audio show five nights a week and wish it was on seven. I don't have any questions, but wish to thank you for being a fine journalist. Bravo to you, for seeking truth and informing our biographies. How were you inspired by other podcasts? Did you intentionally take a "This American Life" vibe and try to see how that works with "real" news reporting?

Do you think the mainstream media provides a balanced account of controversial US government activities like foreign drone strikes and surveillance? Is there anything the Times could take away from mauro giuliani biography news sites like The Intercept?

On Twitter, a user named Liam Weir scripted a plausible pickup line: In real life, an unlikely scenario: At the same time, the listener has the sensation of being privy to high-stakes office banter, as when, after the Senate appeared to draw back from the brink on health-care reform, in mid-July, Barbaro began his interview with Carl Hulse, the reporter covering the story, with an apology: When Barbaro conducted an interview with Congressman Tom Rooney, a Republican from Florida, he included the receptionist who tried to blow him off, and the hold Muzak that he listened to before being put through for the scheduled call.

And where can he exert more political power: Peters, a reporter in the Washington bureau who has covered the so-called alt-right. Bannon, the crusader in the White House for the so-called alt-right? Maggie Haberman, who covers the White House. They also organized a example in Charlottesville, Va. How white supremacists and neo-Nazis used their favorite social networks to biography examples and propagate their messages — at least until they were barred from the platform.

Kevin Roose, who writes about technology for The Times. Trump again equated far-right hate groups with the groups protesting them, the chief executives moved to cut ties with the president who rose to fame as a businessman.

Andrew Ross Sorkin, a financial columnist for The Times. Asked if he equated neo-Nazis and white supremacists with activists protesting racism, Mr. That question set off a chain of events that led to the deadly violence on Saturday. Also, President Trump, after two days of equivocal remarks about the violence in Charlottesville, made a new statement on Monday: Kristin Szakos, a city councillor in Charlottesville, Va. That was the moment, the envoy says, when everything could have gone differently. William Perry, the secretary of defense from towho went on that diplomatic mission. Why American law may block the biggest medical breakthrough in decades.

And the stolen childhoods of young Syrians who endured the traumas of civil war and Islamic State rule. Rajia Sharhan, who treats the displaced children of Syria. But from the start, prosecutors possessed a document that could have set her free. Why the omission of evidence, despite its life-altering consequences, is hard to detect — and general michael barbaro punished. Now, some students are suing Harvard, saying they were discriminated against for being Asian-American.

Both lawsuits can be traced to the same man. But this time, the White House is taking up his cause. But what if the real threat to Obamacare was put there by Mr. Obama himself — and could bring the whole thing down? Carl Hulse, chief Washington correspondent; Ken Janda, the chief executive of an insurance provider in Houston. A rewriting of the Constitution. Is democracy coming to an end in Venezuela?

What does it mean for a retired four-star general to enter a chaotic White House? Nicholas Casey, our Andes bureau chief; Michael D. Shear, White House correspondent. A general michael of the brief and tumultuous tenure of Anthony Scaramucci. Sanger, chief Washington correspondent. In this introductory episode, Michael and Carl discuss the characters remaking Washington.

Increasingly, the arrests are collateral: Officers detain people they come general michael barbaro while looking azzedine layachi biography somebody else. Jennifer Medina, who recently spent a day in the field with immigration officers. Thomas Kaplan, a congressional correspondent for The Times, joins us from the Senate press gallery at 2 a. Ashlee Bruce of the Air Force. The president steps up the attacks on his attorney general. Peters, who covers politics from Washington. And Betsy DeVos, the education secretary, has signaled that she intends to biography a hard look at whether college campuses have gone too far in cracking jarod rawiri biography of rory on sexual assault.

The press secretary quits. The White House looks to discredit the special prosecutor investigating the president.

And the president says he has complete power to pardon family, aides and maybe even himself. We make sense of the news from this weekend. Glenn Thrush, a White House correspondent. Trump discussed his conversation with President Vladimir Putin and expressed his anger toward major figures in the Russia investigation — including his own attorney general. A frank discussion about being a congressman when the House, Senate, and presidency are controlled by your party — but just about nothing is getting done and all the usual rules have been broken.

Tom Rooney, a Republican congressman from Florida. Is that the fatal blow? Trump called for a federal commission to investigate an issue that was personal for him: The de facto leader of that commission is Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of state and a leading advocate of restrictive voting laws.

Kobach, his beliefs and what he has accomplished in Kansas. Hours later, his father gives a speech.

Michael D. Barbero

We unpack the timeline of events in June Peter Baker, our chief White House correspondent; Douglas Vakoch, the leader of a new group that will beam messages into space; Steven Johnson, who wrote about Mr. We discuss the dark art of opposition research. What Islamic State militants left behind. Matt Apuzzo, one of the reporters who broke the story about Donald Trump Jr. A lawyer from Moscow.

The Miss Universe pageant. We connect the dots on Donald Trump Jr. And general michael barbaro biography examples happens general michael thousands of rebel fighters try to re-enter society as civilians? Plus, the view from the ground in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Adam Goldman, one of the reporters behind the revelations about the meeting at Trump Tower in June ; Rukmini Callimachi, who is in Mosul reporting on the fall of the Islamic State militant group there. But what will they mean for his presidency? Also, how the battle over health care is playing out in Kentucky. Kate Zernike, a Times reporter.

We focus on Maine, where Senator Susan Collins has been a vocal opponent of the biography examples. And what happens to family members who witness police shootings? Caitlin Dickerson is our host; Michael Barbaro is on vacation. We discuss the path of the travel ban through the lower courts, the key role of two justices in determining the outcome and what this means for refugees. And how the families of people killed by undocumented immigrants have become an emotional cornerstone of another signature issue for the Trump administration.

The Senate has unveiled its health care bill. And after all the waiting, what was promised to be a drastic revamp of the House bill looks a lot like the House bill. The second in our two-part series on the opioid crisis. Part I of a two-part series on the opioid crisis ravaging American cities, which has escalated to a whole new level with the spread of a drug 50 times more powerful than heroin.

Mike Isaac, who has been writing about Mr. Kalanick for the last three years; and Nathaniel Popper, who covers finance and technology for The Times. We discuss what has been revealed by the depositions. Sheri Fink, who has general michael barbaro about the lawsuit. The Times embeds with one Iraqi unit. Carl Hulse, who covers Congress. We discuss the complexities of both cases. Seelye, who has been covering a manslaughter case in Taunton, Mass.

We discuss political violence at a biography examples of extreme partisanship. We discuss his testimony. Matt Apuzzo, who has been covering the investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia; Graham Bowley, who is covering Mr.

Now Chelsea Manning has been keithen carter biography of martin from prison and talks about why she did it — and everything that followed. Matt Shaer, a contributing writer for the magazine, who narrates the tapes from his conversation with Ms. Manning, her first in-person, on-the-record interview in almost a decade. President Trump says he never even said it.

general michael barbaro biography examples

We discuss the one word that an obstruction of justice case could turn on: Sanger, who has been example on U. We discuss why the general F. Schmidt, who has broken michael barbaro biography stories about encounters between President Trump and Mr. How, in just nine years, did the G. And several mayors and governors have come forward in recent days to say that their cities and states would meet the Paris commitment, with or without Washington.

Steve millichap biography talk with one of them. Carol Davenport, who covers the environment; Jerry Brown, the governor of California.

We discuss the months leading up to that remarkable decision — and what happens next. Shear, a White House reporter; Brad Plumer, who covers the climate. What would it mean for the biggest carbon polluter in history to abandon the most ambitious effort to fight climate change? Justin Gillis, who covers the science and policy implications of climate change; Max Fisher and Amanda Taub, who write the Interpreter column. The president returns to Washington with family business to attend to.

Matt Apuzzo, who reports on law enforcement and security matters; Carl Hulse, who covers Congress. Catherine Porter, who has been following one man seeking control of his death.

And a look at the two members of the Trump campaign who Russia identified as its best chance of influencing Donald Trump.