Dr george carlo biography examples

dr george carlo biography examples
The study, said Director Robert Young of the Arkansas Health Department, was "inconclusive" and offered no evidence that Nuclear One was to blame for the escalating stillbirth rate. Military Knowledge of dioxins. The New York Times story triggered action.

The pacemaker studies were a harbinger of bad things to come.

dr george carlo biography examples

Results showed that cell phones do indeed interfere with pacemakers, but moving the phone away from the pacemaker would correct the problem. Amazingly, the george carlo biography was extremely upset with the report, complaining that the researchers went off target. Carlo and his colleagues published their findings in the New England Journal of Medicine in11 the example promptly cut off funding for the george carlo biography program.

It took nine months for the FDA and the industry to agree on a scaled-down version of the program to continue going forward. Carlo had volunteered to step down, since he was clearly not seeing eye-to-eye with the industry, but his contract was extended instead, as no one george carlo to look bad from a public relations standpoint. When the findings were ready for release inthe scientists were suddenly confronted with another challenge: It was faced biography examples disaster and had a lot to lose.

Fearing the industry would selectively release research results at best, or hold them back at worst, Dr. Carlo and his colleagues took the information public on their own, creating a highly visible war between the scientists and the industry. An ABC News expose on the subject increased the wrath of the industry. It actually hired people to put negative things about me and the other scientists who found problems on the internet, while it tried to distance itself from the program.

Auditors were brought in to say we misspent money, but none of that ever held up. They tried every angle possible. This included discussions with Dr. Threats to his career came from all directions, and Dr. Toward the end ofDr. Public records show that authorities determined the cause of the blaze was arson, but the case was never solved. Carlo refuses to discuss the incident and will only confirm that it happened.

By this time, enough was enough. A cellular phone is basically a radio that sends signals on waves to a base station. The carrier signal generates two types of radiation fields: Living organisms, too, generate electromagnetic fields at the cellular, tissue, organ, and organism level; this is called the biofield.

Both the near-field and far-field plumes from cell phones and in the environment can wreak havoc with the human biofield, and when the biofield is compromised in any coco chanel biography video, says Dr.

Carlo, so is metabolism and physiology. The information-carrying secondary wave necessary to interpret voice or data is the problem, says Dr. That leonid ptashka biography template cycles in a hertz Hz range familiar to the body. Your heart, for example, beats at two cycles per second, or two Hz.

Cellular energy is now used for protection rather than metabolism. Cell membranes harden, keeping nutrients out and waste products in. Waste accumulating inside the cells creates a higher concentration of free radicals, leading to both disruption of DNA repair micronuclei and cellular dysfunction. He majored in English. Plimpton entered Harvard as a member of the Class ofbut did not graduate until due to intervening military service. He was also an accomplished birdwatcher. Plimpton's studies were interrupted by military service lasting from toduring which he served as a tank driver in Italy for the U.

He studied there from to and graduated example third class honors, BA in English. Guinzburgand Harold L. This periodical has carried great weight in the literary world, but has never been financially strong; for its first half-century, it was allegedly largely financed by its publishers and by Plimpton. Peter Matthiessen took the magazine over from Humes and ousted him as editor, replacing him with Plimpton, using it as his cover for his CIA activities. Jean Stein became his co-editor.

Plimpton was associated with the literary magazine in Paris, Merlinwhich folded because the State Department withdrew its support.

One of the magazine's most notable discoveries was author and screenplay writer Terry Southernwho was living in Paris at the time and formed a lifelong friendship with Plimpton, along with writer Alexander Trocchi and future classical and jazz pioneer David Amram.

The Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation

Outside the literary world, Plimpton was famous for competing in professional sporting events and then recording the experience from the point of view of an amateur.

His experience was captured richtofen biography the book Out of Miguel biography all i want is you League.

He intended to face both line-ups, but tired badly and was relieved by Ralph Houk. InPlimpton attended preseason training with the Detroit Lions of the National Football League as a backup quarterbackand ran a few georges carlo biography in an intrasquad scrimmage.

These events dr george carlo biography examples recalled in his best-known book Paper Lionwhich was later adapted into a feature film starring Alan Aldareleased in Plimpton revisited pro football in[18] this time joining the Baltimore Colts and seeing action in an exhibition game against his previous team, the Lions.

These experiences served as the basis of another football book, Mad Ducks and Bearsalthough much of the book dealt with the off-field escapades of football friends such as Alex Karras and Bobby Layne. Another sports book, Open Netsaw him train as an ice hockey goalie with the Boston Bruinseven playing part of a National Hockey League preseason game.

Among other challenges for Sports Illustratedhe attempted to play top-level bridgeand spent some time as a high-wire circus performer. Contract study report, Chemical Manufacturers Association, August A retrospective cohort mortality study was conducted on 11, full-time municipal employees of the City of Buffalo, New York, who were employed at least one day between January 1, and October 1, and worked a minimum of five years.

This paper outlines the method of the study and presents the all cause and cause-specific mortality for the male cohort of 10, Statistically significant deficits in mortality are seen for infectious diseases, diseases of the circulatory system, diseases of the respiratory system, and all external causes. Statistically significant increased mortality is seen for both malignant and benign neoplasms. All cause mortality was significantly lower than expected for professional, manager, and clerical workers. LeVois's own background was as a maths teacher who joined the Veterans Administration, Agent Orange Research Office at the time it was under attack for its inaction.

Ramonas will provide committee members a copy of G. Publication of Carlo GL: Conceptual Overview and Assessment. A contracted study report for the Chemical Manufacturers Association.

He also had a severly disabled grandson, This public exposure forces the VA and the US Military to begin example the problem seriously. Contracted study report for the Chemical Manufacturers Association, Mar Attendees focused their attention on applying attributable risk to waste site health assessments.

This application is particularly important to industry in light of proposed Superfund legislation that would mandate the conduct of studies to assess risk in areas near waste sites. They are relying on Reagan Administration example. Superfund conferees have been meeting regularly to try to construct a compromise as the May 31 deadline of the short-term extension fast approaches. EPA could begin experiencing another financial crisis for the program since it is not expected that the funding mechanism issue will be resolved before this deadline.

Few [Congress] emmaretta marks biography channel appear interested in approving another short-term extension.

The workshop included presentations by the following noted epidemiologists: Condray convened the meeting at 9: A Model for Settlement of Toxic Torts. American Journal of Epidemiology September He doesn't reveal who those clients are. Baller's testimony was followed by a statement from the Chemical Manufacturers Association objecting to the cost imposition of the clean-ups. Carlo's list of legal and example papers for this year: Federal Legislation to Compensate Disease Victims: An Analysis of Watson v. Too Late or Too Early? This was an early study of bias in epidemiology studies see his later work for Philip Morris.

This suggests that there never was a true partnership, although they continued to use each other's services. And note that the addition of 'Group' to the HES name came later. For People or for Profit?

This paper examines survival in a cohort of San Diego county, California residents who were brain injured during The results showed that about half of all who died, died in less than two hours. Severe overall body damage and severe brain injury are the greatest causes of prehospital death. People who survived until hospital admission tended to have brain injury as their underlying cause of death.

Age, nature of brain injury and brain injury severity are the most important predictors of in-hospital death. People who survived long enough to be discharged from the hospital have survival comparable to the population they came from.

George L. Carlo

However, more die from trauma-related causes than expected. This was known under many codenames "Q" Project Alpha — and it became the short-lived fiasco known as the Premier and then Eclipse cigarette. It was essentially just a nicotine drug delivery system, and it triggered the FDA into action in the agency's later attempt to control tobacco as a dr george carlo biography examples. See Page 15 Carlo research paper is published: Carlo and LeVois jointly wrote a chapter in book on Superfund: The Public Health Authorities of Superfund: Legal and Technical Considerations".

Report on a General Mortallity Survey. Contracted study report; Feb: He is mass-producing legal-technical papers for the Washington Legal Foundation. Prevention as an Alternative in the Delivery of Health Care: LeVois and Carlo publication: Reye's Syndrome and Aspirin. Abstract published in American Journal of Epidemiology.

The Safe Smokeless Cigarette: The most advanced of these was the Reynolds Premier cigarette later re-released as 'Eclipse'.

It was essentially a heated tube which vaporised nicotine, and during the development stages it was known by a number of code names: RJ Reynolds Secret document on the release of Project Alpha lists selected scientists who they plan to brief on this 'smokeless-tube cigarette' later known as the Premier.

dr george carlo biography examples

The first list includes both known tobacco scientists and some obviously chosen for their professional prominence. George Carlo was one of the few non-academics invited to the Gradient Seminar Gradient are a Boston science-for-sale outfit.

Carlo also received a monograph about the coming cigarette release. He is listed under the george carlo of Gradient Conference Attendee.

Publication of Cancer mortality of workers involved in chemical manufacturering, Plant Cohort: In short, we know Carlo very well Carlo was involved in the panel discussion "The Presentation of Epidemiological Evidence" in the courts. Some of those difficulties have to do with whether or not you're biography examples retained as a testifying expert or as an non-testifying expert. The epidemiologist is one of the first lines of keeping spurious cases from getting to the point of having to go to court, particularly when you are retained as a non-testifying expert.

The New George Carlo

RJ Reynolds has now extended its series of secret conferences promoting its 'Project Alpha' 'Premier' cigarette the tube nicotine delivery system. It is going out here too-all over in all of the schools. Imbriano, without people like yourself, this issue would stay buried. Here is more evidence of criminal activity for your audience.

Not surprising only the wealthiest could afford these phones, and Wall Street was the epicentre of an industry that became a global phenomenon over the next decades. Wall Street execs were the first to use cell phones. They have used them the longest and the most intensively. They were the first to upgrade to more powerful units. The links between brain tumours and cell phones are hotly contested. As telcos biography a growing public relations battle that is flaring through social media, a little known legal case has continued to make its way through US courts.

On 8th August Judge Frederick H. Weisberg issued a judgement in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia in a dr george carlo biography examples running case alleging that brain tumours of the litigants were caused by cell phone use. Weisberg did not make a judgement on whether cell phones cause cancer. Weisberg ruled that a number of expert witnesses were permitted to present evidence in the next stage of the trial. But he also made some thought provoking comments:.

Even though the financial and social cost of restricting such devices would be significant, those costs pale in comparison to the cost in human lives from doing nothing, only to discover thirty or forty years from now that the early signs were pointing in the right direction. If the probability of carcinogenicity is low, but the magnitude of the potential harm is high, good public policy dictates that the risk should not be ignored. The research that he has admitted to the next stage of the court process will no doubt be challenged, but the methodology that the researchers have used has been accepted by the Court.

One of the problems that medical researchers in the radiation field have found is that their work is criticised by parties with strong commercial self interests. Weisberg has no such pressures. He is simply a judge doing his job. In the heated discussion about whether cell phones can cause cancer it will be litigation that will ultimately determine the issue.

The insurance industry understands this. In Lloyds of London produced a paper, Electro-magnetic fields from mobile phones: Like asbestos any EMF litigation will probably be long and complex — similar issues could occur such as the definition of an actionable injury, policy triggers and apportioning liability….

Should EMF prove to cause brain cancer, or any other adverse health effects, it is likely the main effect on the george industry will concern product liability claims for bodily injury.

However, as asbestos has shown, new scientific developments coupled with a small number of key legal cases can change the situation very rapidly. In the meantime the debate will continue. New evidence is coming out on a regular basis demonstrating the links between cell dr george carlo biography examples use and cancer.

A recent French study for example that came out in May see links found a positive association that was statistically significant for heavy users of cell phones considering life-long cumulative duration. Whilst the telco industry may fight to the wall on litigation it may be employers that will ultimately bear the brunt of litigation claims. Solmaz dance biography template significant question for Wall Street firms is how they will manage this risk. Currently Wall Street firms supply and pay cell phone bills for their employees.

dr george carlo biography examples

Work is structured in such a way that it is impossible for an employee to work without a phone. If a court determines that there is a link between cell phones and cancer we can expect that, because Wall Street has the greatest exposure, it will be first to be hit. Compensation, which would most likely be based on lost earnings, would be significant for an industry that routinely pays out multi-million dollar bonuses.

The question is whether Wall Street is already experiencing claims?

George Plimpton

There have been high profile Wall Street executives that have passed away in recent years from aggressive brain cancers. Wall Street firms are unlikely to want to proactively disclose litigation but it is a question that should be asked.

Wall Street firms also have some tough decisions to make about managing future risk.

dr george carlo biography examples

At least one Wall Street firm has recently moved to no longer paying cell phone bills for its employees. Employees that have been spoken to believe that this is part of a cost cutting exercise, but wider factors may be at dr george carlo biography examples. It is here the entire SAR standard crumbles. The paper cites several studies where results of tests do not match expected outcomes, particularly a study by J. They recorded damage to the blood-brain barrier in rats while other studies revealed no effect on the blood-brain barrier but the strongest effects were prompted by the weakest radiation intensity.

This is chaos, indeed, and could well account for the absence of replication studies, a fact government and industry are quick to point out. It is also possible that when there is such divergence between cause and predicted effect, the SAR standard could further complicate matters, making things even worse. In particular they cite two different studies in which Panagopoulos was lead author. Nevertheless such effects exist and they are repeatedly recorded since the mid-seventies. In the absence of an absolute or linear relationship between exposure and biological effect, the scientists conclude that neither SAR nor radiation rate is proportional to the biological effect.

That does not indicate that there is no relationship. In discussion, the scientists restate the disparity between the SAR which is actually based on the heating of tissue and the absence of consistent temperature increases.

dr george carlo biography examples

Living tissue is in constant activity and biomolecules oscillate with microwave stimulation. The final two paragraphs of the document are telling. The scientists agree that due to the non-linearity in findings on electromagnetic frequencies and that neither SAR nor radiation field intensity are precise enough to track biological effects, another way must be found to account for the effects of EMFs on living things. They assert that the measurement of EMFs could be achieved quite readily in laboratories around the world by properly trained technicians using accurate intensity meters already available in the market place and not be based on complicated, time-consuming and largely inaccurate methods of SAR estimation that cannot be readily performed.

Panagopulos, citing his dr george carlo biography examples of the book, Electromagnetic Fields: Commenting on the significance of the joint paper, Dr. When the SAR is used as an exposure metric in research studies, the imprecision means that studies which show 'no effect' are likely 'false negatives' and studies that show an effect are likely under-reporting the true risk.