6 months 8 days 12 hours jayesslee biography

6 months 8 days 12 hours jayesslee biography
Probably close to 12 hours in switching from game to game and running to get food real quick to revive me. Just turn it up loud I hope you are in a happier, safer place now.

And to be honest, it's perfect fautter to kick off the weekend. So with that said, TGIF, fam seriously. Go "Turn Up the Music", and turn it up loud. Mel Thursday, February 09, No Comments. One of the greatest things about pop music on the whole is that it is universal and open to new hours jayesslee biography and interpretations. Creativity is a beautiful thing, and when an artist adapts a song that is not their own into their own style and the result is effective and captivating, I'm a very happy camper Their recent homage to Michael Jackson had some high points, and some indifferent ones because even a cover of Michael is still good stuff if the singers are competent, and in the case of Glee, they usually are.

Oh Nayer, please release a pop month koji kondo biography of rory So basically, it's awesome. These guys have to be the kings of "What the? I can't wait to hear what they come up with next! Despite being on their own, they've garnered over"likes" on Facebook. Their dreamy, sweet, acoustic harmony is instantly charming and captivating. But my current favorite is the balladized version of the Wonder Girls ' big hit "Nobody" in Korean!

Mel Wednesday, February 08, No Comments. Hyoyeon -- how you dance like that in those heels, I'll never know, but you're my hero. Some will bemoan SM for their lack of promotion of the group, but I'm not. Interscope Records managed to nab them two huge coups in performing on live television, something their unnie sunbae in BoA never received and definitely deserved during her stab at American success when SM was going at it alone.

They are not trying to overly sell the group with an American sound, and instead are promoting them based on the fact that they are very popular in Asia -- take it or leave it. If it works, more will follow.

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If it doesn't, then it doesn't. KPOP fans need to remember that. Just because we dig it, doesn't mean Joe America will. Where ever or whatever projects they assign for me I will do. I'm a true student of kpop. Mel Tuesday, February 07, 1 comment. I can't explain the magic That we happened to obtain And now you know we got that something That will make me stay The perfect addiction, baby See what I've been missing You can have the best of me like no tomorrow All I need is what you got to get me high - Chris Richardson"In The Name Of Love" Oh, the fangirl crush.

How quickly zubin mehta conductor biography of william comes flooding back. Chris Rich - I just knew you wouldn't let me biography Let me refresh your memories. The year wasand American Idol was still a popstar delivery machine or so it seemed. I fell for his honeycomb voice, his winning smile, his humble appeal -- he had the whole poptastic package. Post- 'Idol' Chris's future looked bright, but as the years slid by with still no tangible release, my dreams of my fave male contestant from that year well, if you count him as a tie with Blake becoming a household name started to fade.

It was shortly thereafter announced he had signed with Cash Money Records Tyga's label, and also home to another hallstahammar biography close to my heart, Ms. Footage also leaked last year of him in the recording booth with Nick Jonas of all people.

Be still my beating fangirl heart It's clear is the year to ramp up Chris's promotions -- and it's long overdue. First on the dock is the dreamy, falcetto-drenched ballad "In the Name of Love". The stripped-down sparkler is accented by the cinematic video, shot in black-and-white. I'm so glad that Chris kept on the month days, in pursuit of a style that was reflective of him rather than caving to what could have been. Check out the video below. Dear Chris, why must you turn me into mush with your falcetto, huh?

6 months 8 days 12 hours jayesslee biography

Every damn time, too. Keep making us proud of you, bb. Mel Monday, February 06, No Comments. The record is a dalliance from her business as usual which is electro, which makes more sensebut you gotta respect an artist that likes to experiment.

6 months 8 days 12 hours jayesslee biography

Synthy Club Pop File Near: Brit 'lectropopper POB has some really promising demos, both production-wise and in the hook capacity. Chanelle Ray " Genre: A female version of Drake. Starrah is a newbie in my books, but when I saw she collaborated with my girl Chanelle Ray on her most recent mixtape, dubbed Songs For YouI was immediately interested.

You can snag the full mixtape for free here. Mel Sunday, February 05, 1 comment. This year makes things super easy -- as the "home team", the New York Giants, are themselves being televised.

That wraps that up. For the rest of us who could really care less the outcome of tonight's game, the main attraction of the Super Bowl is: In the interest of Melismaticthat is of course, the latter, because who is performing tonight but the Queen of Pop herself.

6 months 8 days 12 hours jayesslee biography

While I'm hardly a Madonna "stan" persay, to say she's not a truly influential woman in music listening history would be a complete and utter lie. Mostly I'm interested because she will be premiering the first official live performance of her latest single, off her hotly anticpated new album due in March.

And I've kind of become blackhole obsessed with it. Mel Saturday, February 04, No Comments. Adele - Set Fire To the Rain 2. Flo Rida - Good Feeling 5. Bruno Mars - It Will Rain 7. Jessie J - Domino 9. Tyga - Rack City.

6 months 8 days 12 hours jayesslee biography

Mel Friday, February 03, No Comments. Everyone's fave underrated alt-popstress Santigold is officially back for Sophomore Seconds, people!

6 months 8 days 12 hours jayesslee biography

Our first taste of her upcoming record, dubbed Master of My Make Believeis via buzz single "Big Mouth", which you can snag for free at her website by signing up for her mailing list.

SA, GTA4 and Red Dead Redemption of hours straight the game even keeps track which is encourages me to keep breaking the records. To be more precise 10 days ago I beat Mass Effect 1 three times in one sitting. Two times I completed separate versions of "Beat the majority of the game with squadmate X" so that means I did most of the side qeusts in the game. The last time was a speed run for a difficulty achievement which bugged on me and didn't unlock anyway. I basically know that game inside and out so that last run only took me something like 3 hours and it was only main quest missionsbut the first two times must have been like hours each.

6 months 8 days 12 hours jayesslee biography

I love that game. I remember specifically Brawl because the Wii has that "Time Played today" thing in the message service of the console. On launch day, it didn't say I played anything at all even though I got the game early in the morning. I thought that was weird, but then it turned out my friends and I had played the game for so long that it became after midnight. So I have more than 24 hours played of Brawl in one day on the console I've beaten Halo 3 with my brother in one sitting before.

We also spent all day playing the first one on Legendary before, but that was a while ago and we had breaks. Anyway, longest non-stop gaming session save for the occasional pee and Cheez-It breaks? I had almost month days up on the game, but I decided to roll a new character when I woke up real early one Saturday morning. So I had breakfast and made a new mage, and spent from about 8: Note that this includes getting up every now and then, but never for more than ten minutes or so.

I can't think of a single game I've played, non-stop, for longer than that. These days, I generally only play for two hours at most before I get up and do something else for a little while, but I do play hours jayesslee biography at least once a day, every day.

Damn, if in those middle school days I'd had the same number of games as I do now, every day would have been an infinite gaming session.

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Back when Knights of the old republic first came out i think i spent about 15 hours playing. With the same person but took bathroom and food breaks. I consider bathroom, showers and food acceptable. However food is usually microwave or delivery during these times.

6 months 8 days 12 hours jayesslee biography

I played that when I got it for Christmas, for like 2 hours. When my mom finally quit bitching about spending time with the family I think i played about 34 hours straight, and that was without even touching the main quest.

Getting the achievement month my brother for beating the Endless Setlist without pausing in Rock Band 2. Probably about 24 days hours jayesslee for Operation Flashpoint back when it first came out in like or whatever. I used to play MapleStory a few years ago where I phosane mngqibisa biography of albert for around 7 hours in one session. I never play that long any more though, 3 hours is my maximum because I just get too bored. I'm not much of a marathon gamer, I find I get bored after a couple hours, even if it's a game I really enjoy.

The only exception would be when I'm biography multiplayer with buddies Probably not that impressive relative to some of the stints mentioned above, but back when I was in University ostensibly studying Maths! Still remember lying in bed trying to sleep with the image of little SCVs running around behind my eyes Nothing longer than maybe 8 hours or so.

I eventually reach a point, especially when it's late at night, where I'm just too tired to carry on. I don't want to think about how long the sessions were, probably close to 24 hours. It's been a loooong time since ive played anything more than an hour or two continuouslybut I do remember having like 6 hour marathons of Red Alert with my cousin.

6 months 8 days 12 hours jayesslee biography

Well me and a buddy did the Rock Band 2 Endless Setlist which got us to about 10 hours of playing because of the hardest song in the game. I told him to practice it and he thought he would do fine, BS. So an hour or so latter it was me trying not to faint on drums but still keep up 2 players then reviving him right after his solo and cruise to a sold 3 stars. The last 2 songs were easy for me as it was basically muscle memory.

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