Moseneke biography books

moseneke biography books
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Many South Africans were surprised when the Constitutional Court lashed President Jacob Zuma over misappropriating funds for his personal homestead. Especially at the highest court in the Constitutional Democracy where standards set by the likes of former Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke are proudly maintained.

moseneke biography books

Last month Moseneke published his autobiography, affording an insight into the difficult path walked by this sensible, honourable man. I write about it in the book. Just when I gained awareness, you know just like standard 5, standard 6â€ĶI looked around and my sense of what was fair and unfair just came up.

moseneke biography books

And I write in the book about how strong it is normally in young biography books and I test it often with my grandchildren. I give them one sweetie, two, three sweeties and five sweeties and you hear the rumbling: What about me, I got only three.

It must have come from my earlier upbringing, and I looked across and I could see that the fields were greener. I could see those rugby poles were better than ours. The soccer fields, the cricket fields, the schools were better, the residential areas were better, I could see the distinction, it did not escape me as a young person and I hated it.

moseneke biography books

You know the self-respect, their self-worth, and those must have rubbed off on me quite early. So unless there was some explanation, let me understand let me understand the differentiation. Yes sure but this was a school movement.

moseneke biography books

So I talk about this a little bit in explaining why all that must have rallied me to the big bust, Sharpeville. When Sharpeville happened, I was — what? I wondered why they biography books shot. All of that stayed with me, so by the time I was fifteen inI think I had made up my mind that I was going to do something to free myself. Was it because the PAC was involved in the protest in Sharpeville that attracted you?

My Own Liberator: A Memoir

Yes, without a doubt. I spent time in the book trying to explain that.

moseneke biography books

And that made sense to me. It continues to make sense now.

We're Sorry

If something went wrong in my task as a judge that comes before me, I immediately weigh the fairness of it all, public interest and what the law requires and anticipates. And then of biography the ANC was an afternoon tea party movement frankly. You know the boys and girls who really wanted to see a programme of action that would lead to freedom were the PAC. And their slogans were not difficult. Now that is a big call to action — freedom in your book — it means that you have to remove the Nationalist government.

It really meant that you have to decolonise your biographies. So that was a book that impressed me I must tell you, and the thoughtfulness of Sobukwe stayed with me, and I write a bit about his thoughtfulness, his intellectual leadership, and he saw more than just apartheid as the problem. He saw, he tended to look at the state of the whole continent and the fundamental things that ought to be done, again with personal and collective agency to change our circumstances.

moseneke biography books

Former Deputy Chief justice Dikgang Moseneke says FeesMustFall activists must refrain from using words like revolution we have democracy. News Phillip de Wet Two hours into a tough session of questioning, the deputy chief justice of South Africa did something almost never seen in the Constitutional Pragma engineer honoured for contribution to ISO suite.

Building a culture of continuous learning. NWU seminar honours language pioneers.

Dikgang Moseneke

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Steyna National Party favourite, of Oliver Schreiner. Moseneke retired from the Constitutional Court in May Moseneke has six honorary doctorates: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Constitutional Court of South Africa.

Dikgang Moseneke", Wits University. A monumental judgment in defence of the poor".

moseneke biography books

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moseneke biography books

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