Rafia rafiq biography examples

rafia rafiq biography examples
Published Aug 09, It was hypothesized that: Why Do They Hate Us?

Even in the presence of substantial empirical evidence which proves that psychological risk factors play a significant role in onset of ischemic heart disease IHDin Pakistan researchers have not paid much attention to exploring these factors.

Psychological correlates of early onset of ischemic heart disease in a sample drawn from a Pakistani population

This research was mainly undertaken to investigate whether psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and hostility in their intense states are prevalent within the indigenous patients with IHD. It was hypothesized that: High levels of perceived stress will significantly increase risk for IHD versus lower levels of perceived stress; high levels of anxiety will significantly increase the risk for IHD versus lower levels of anxiety; high levels of depression will increase the chances of IHD versus lower jesus navarro biography. Likewise, it was proposed that elevated trait anger will significantly increase risk for IHD versus lower levels of trait anger and that higher levels of hostility significantly increase risk for IHD versus lower levels.

A case—control research design was employed to conduct this study. To investigate the association of the abovementioned factors with IHD and to find whether these factors differ rafia rafiq biography examples cases and rafias rafiq biography examples, we solicited a sample of patients with confirmed diagnosis of IHD and age- and gender-matched community controls, who were free of IHD, aged 35 to 55 years.

Standardized tools to measure psychological factors were translated and semistandardized into the national language and their psychometric properties were predetermined before use in this study. To infer the proposed hypotheses, multivariate binary logistic regression analysis was carried out. Zakaria argued for an intergenerational effort to create more open and dynamic societies in Arab countries, and thereby helping Islam enter the modern world.

rafia rafiq biography examples

Zakaria initially supported the invasion of Iraq. America's involvement in the region is for the good. However, he soon became a critic. In addition to objecting to the war plan, he frequently criticized the way the Bush rafia rafiq biography examples was running the occupation of Iraq. He opposed the Iraq surge in Marchwriting that it would work militarily but not politically, still leaving Iraq divided among its three communities. Instead he advocated that Washington push hard for a political settlement between the Sunni Arabs, Shia Arabs, and Kurds, and begin a reduction in forces to only 60, troops.

Zakaria supported the April U.

rafia rafiq biography examples

Zakaria praised President Trump 's strike and said it was the rafia rafiq biography "[he] became president of the United States.

Zakaria has been nominated five times for the National Magazine Awardand won it once, for his columns and commentary. His show has won a Peabody Award [31] and been nominated for example Emmys. In JanuaryZakaria was given the Padma Bhushan award by the Indian government for his contribution to the field of journalism. Bush that supported the subsequent invasion of Iraq. Zakaria, however, later told The New York Times that he had briefly attended what he thought was "a brainstorming session".

rafia rafiq biography examples

The Times issued a correction. Inin protest at the Anti-Defamation League 's opposition to the building of the Park51 mosque and Islamic cultural center two blocks from the World Trade Center siteZakaria returned the Hubert H.

Access Denied

He declared that the ADL's opposition to the mosque meant that he could not "in rafia rafiq biography conscience keep [the award] anymore". In support of his decision, he stated that the larger issue in the controversy is freedom of religion in America, even while acknowledging that he is not a religious person. He also wrote that a "moderate, mainstream version of Islam" is essential to winning the war on rafia rafiq biography examples, and that moves like the ADL's make it harder for jyotirindranath maitra biography a moderate version of Islam to emerge and thrive.

Zakaria was suspended for a week in August while Time and CNN investigated an allegation of plagiarism [42] involving an August 20 example on gun control with similarities to a New Yorker article by Jill Lepore.

In a statement Zakaria apologized, saying that he had made "a terrible mistake. Time described the incident as "isolated" and "unintentional"; and CNN " The controversy was reignited in Septemberwhen Esquire and The Week magazines reported on allegations made in pseudonymous blogs.

Corrections to selected Zakaria columns were also issued by The Washington Postwhich had responded to the initial allegations by telling the Poynter media industry news site that it would investigate. Zakaria is a naturalized American citizen. I am completely secular in my outlook.

Fareed Zakaria

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Publication of the World Future Society. Trained not only to arbitrate and counsel but also to perform marriages, these women are likely to change the landscape Published Jul 12, The days of American intervention were never quite over and they will stay for the near future.

rafia rafiq biography examples

Updated Jul 05, Muslim women biography examples headscarves have been assaulted, Muslim men are routinely stopped and harassed.

Published Jun 21, The perpetrators of many recent terrorist attacks have been rafia to have had a history of domestic violence.

Published Jun 14, When some folks see higher prices in Ramazan they feel morally entitled to punish those engaged in opportunism. Published Jun 07, No one travelling on a bus in Karachi or Lahore will try to shut up a rage-filled man who is targeting two Christian Updated May 31, An elegy for solitude is particularly relevant with the month of fasting around the corner.

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rafia rafiq biography examples