I am jackie chan biography for kids

i am jackie chan biography for kids
Both his parents were servants to the French ambassador in Hong Kong. And he gradually expanded his production activities.

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Mehmet oz md biography template Kong's cheeky, lovable and best known film star, Jackie Chan endured many years of long, hard work and multiple injuries to establish international success via his early beginnings in Hong Kong's manic martial arts cinema industry. The young Jackie was less than successful scholastically, so his father sent him back to Hong Kong to attend the rigorous China Drama Academy, one of the Peking Opera schools. Chan journeyed back and forth to visit his parents and work in Canberra, but eventually he made his way back to Hong Kong as his permanent home.

In the early s Chan commenced his i am jackie chan biography for kids career and interestingly appeared in very minor roles in two films starring then rising martial arts superstar Bruce Lee: Not long after Lee's untimely death Chan was often cast in films cashing in on the success of Bruce Lee by utilizing words like "fist", "fury" or "dragon" in their US release titles. Chan's own film career was off and running and he swiftly appeared in many low-budget martial arts films that were churned out at a rapid fire pace by Hong Kong studios eager to satisfy the early s boom in martial-arts cinema.

However, he scored a major breakthrough with the hit Drunken Master aka "Drunken Master"which has become a cult favorite among martial arts film fans. Battle Creek Brawl aka "Battle Creek Brawl" featured Jackie competing in a "toughest street fighter" contest set in s Texas; however, Jackie was unhappy with the end result, and it failed to fire with US audiences. Regrettably, Jackie was cast as a Japanese race driver and his martial arts skills are only shown in one small sequence near the film's conclusion.

Stateside success was still a few years away for Jackie Chan!

i am jackie chan biography for kids

Undeterred, he returned to the Orient to do what he did best--make jaw-dropping action films loaded with amazing biography for kids work. Chan and his legendary stunt team were unparalleled in their ability to execute the most incredible fight scenes and action sequences, and the next decade would see some of their best work. However, as with previous attempts, Jackie felt the US director--in this case, James Glickenhaus --failed to understand his audience appeal and the film played to lukewarm reviews and box-office receipts.

Jackie did, however, decide to "harden" up his on-screen image somewhat and his next film, Police Story aka "Police Story" was a definite departure from previously light-hearted martial biographies for kids fare, and his fans loved the final product! It was another in a long line of injuries wikipedia fernando colunga biography Chan has suffered as a result of doing his own stunt work, and he was soon back in front of the jackies chan.

Project A 2 aka "Project A: Canton and Lady Rose ", Armour of God 2: Operation Condor aka "Armour of God 2" and Supercop aka "Police Story 3" were all sizable hits for Jackie, escalating his status to phenomenal heights in Asia, and to his loyal fan base around the globe. US success was now just around the corner for the the hard-working Jackie Chan, and it arrived in the form of the action film Rumble in the Bronx aka "Rumble In The Bronx", though it was actually filmed in Canada that successfully blended humor and action to make a winning formula in US theaters.

Jackie did not waste any time and went to work on Police Story 4: First Strike aka "Police Story 4"Mr. Nice Guy aka "Mr. Nice Guy"Who Am I? The multi-talented Chan he's also a major recording star in Asia shows no sign of slowing down and has long since moved out of the shadow of Bruce Lee, to whom he was usually compared early in his career.

Off screen he has been directly involved in many philanthropic ventures providing financial assistance to schools and universities around the world. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Cleverly utilizes everyday items as props in fight scenes chairs, ladders, lamps, tables, et cetera. Often has outtakes at the end of his films of failed stunts and other accidents.

In addition to spectacular stunts and action, his movies often contain scenes in which he is tortured or forced to undergo grueling physical activity usually as punishment by a master or teacher. Uses martial arts and hand-to-hand combat in all his fight scenes. Prefers to do action films with strong humour streaks and physical clowning like Buster Keaton. In the act of performing his own stunts, he has broken his nose three times, his ankle once, most of the fingers in his hand, both cheekbones and his skull.

Most often dubs his own voice for the English release of his Asian films. He also dubs his Asian films in Mandarin. Was to star in a film entitled "Nosebleed", but the project was canceled after the World Trade Center attack on September 11, He was to play a window-washer at the WTC who has to stop a terrorist plot. Inhe was awarded an M.

Member of the Order of the British Empire for his services to entertainment. His fan club once topped 10, members, mostly young girls; one of them committed suicide after she discovered that he was married. Another female fan attempted suicide, but was saved.

Members of the team appear as extras in his films. Despite the minimal formal education he received, he was made an honorary i am jackie chan biography for kids of social science saraghina fergie biography the Hong Kong Baptist University, and an honorary fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts.

In his action scenes, his punches and kicks actually connect with their targets. He has his actors wear special padding in their feet and body to prevent serious injury. Thanks to the sheer energy of such films, Chan began to acquire a following among American cult film enthusiasts. In Asia, his success had more dramatic financial implications; audiences flocked to see him top himself with newly inventive stunts in each successive release.

Police Story contained an especially dangerous pole-sliding stunt that nearly paralyzed Chan after a fall in which he broke two vertebrae in his spine.

i am jackie chan biography for kids

In Operation Condor he rode a motorcycle off a river dock and jumped off, catching, in midair, a net attached to a nearby crane. His kung fu scenes might use an amazing variety of weapons, including a hat rack and fans of various kinds.

Jackie Chan Story

Chan's films became slicker as his box office numbers increased—'s Twin Dragons was a flashy comedic take on European action star Jean-Claude van Damme's Double Impactwith an awe-inspiring final chase through a Toyota auto-testing facility.

But his stunts were always his own, and his everyman comic gift remained endearing. Sometimes Chan's character would be a young man who bumbled through a film's early scenes but had the chance to redeem himself in the end. By the early s Chan was perhaps the top marquee attraction on the Asian continent. He had some success as a singer, later expressing a wish to remake the classic film The Juan miguel tiongson biography of barack of Musicand his carefully guarded personal life was the stuff of tabloid headlines. One of his legion of female fans was reportedly driven to suicide by rumors that he was actually involved with another woman, and those rumors turned out to be true; in Chan married Taiwanese actress Lin Feng-Jiao.

He also has a son, Jaycee. Chan revealed the marriage only in his autobiography, I Am Jackie Chan. Despite his success, Chan's lack of success in the American market still rankled. With strong underground buzz culminating in a lifetime achievement nod at the MTV Movie Awards, presented by director Quentin Tarantino, Hollywood distributors resolved to give Chan another try. His first new American effort, Rumble in the Bronxwas a dubbed i am jackie chan biography for kids of an earlier Cantonese-language Hong Kong release, but it did well enough to pave the way for subsequent Chan releases stateside.

Chan hit paydirt with Rush Hour and Shanghai Noonboth genre films featuring American stars Chris Tucker and Owen Wilson, respectively with whom Chan could establish comic chemistry. Both films spawned successful sequels, but Chan's original Asian audience was cool to them.

Another reason is the Master who adopted him.

i am jackie chan biography for kids

That guy trained a house of orphans to do martial arts so strictly it would be called child abuse in today's standards. The oldest brother named Sumo left the house first and helped Jackie find work all the time.

Soon Jackie ended up volunteering to do the stunts nobody would dare do multiple times and would not need Sumo's help. Oct 04, Jessie rated it it was amazing. He was very detailed and showed how he got to where he is today. He goes from poor to rich because he worked hard to achieve.

On page - he shares his personal reviews for his movies, starting with his first one Big and Little Wong Tin-Bar - to the most current one the book lists Shanghai Noon - i found this to be very interestingbecause most people don't share their personal reviews.

I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action

I rated this 5 stars because Jackie Chan is one of my favorite actorswho doesn't like Jackie Chan? Quote from the book, "it was a bad time to be poor, but then again when isn't it a good time to be poor? How does this book connect with what we are learning in class? AND hitting the ground at one hundred miles an hour with nothing between you and the emergency room besides inches of rubber" this is Hyperbole because its sarcastichis producer wouldn't clearly force him to jump out of a sixteen story building with nothing but a few inches of rubber blocking him from hitting the ground.

So that's how it shoes comedy throughout the book various times. We are also learning about memoirs in class and this is a memoiran autobiography about him writing about his life. I would recommend this to people who like Jackie Chan and are interested in learning more about his life, I would recommend it to everyone of all ages because its family-friendly and not inappropriate for children but not so childish that adults wouldn't enjoy itso lara lieto biography for all ages.

May 12, Marcus rated it really liked it. From his humble beginings as the son of a cook and a cleaner all the way to his current 'superstar' status - with everything between.

This is an honest and often moving account of Jackie Chan's life; detailing his harsh biography, his struggle to reach the top, his joys and his regrets. This book has given me a new insight on a man I have admired since my early childhood. My Life in Action" also includes Jackie's jackies about every film he has made, lists of his favourite st From his humble beginings as the son of a cook and a cleaner all the way to his current 'superstar' status - with everything between.

My Life in Action" also includes Jackie's comments about every film he has made, lists of his favourite stunts and fights and details of the injuries he has sustained as the result of his unique "The more terrified my friends and family are, the more satisfied my kids will be" stunt directing formula, that has had fans gasping for breath for over two decades.

The book begins with Jackie about to plunge feet down the side of a skyscraper the main stunt in Jackie's recent film 'Who Am I? As he prepares to jump, his life flashes before his eyes and it's another pages before he actually jumps. For me, the book really begins when Jackie is packed of to Opera School by his parents; little Jackie thinks he's in for a great time but when his parents sign a form permitting the Opera School Master to 'discipline the jackie chan biography for, even to death' you can't help feeling rather worried for him.

I won't go into any real detail about his time in the opera school, as you really should read the book to find out more but I will say that the way he and the other children at the school was treated will almost certainly shock you. Eventually, to get some time outside of the school and to earn some moneyJackie starts to work as a stuntman, performing dangerous stunts that others won't risk and never admitting it hurts.

His stunt performing soon makes him a sought after stuntman and work comes flooding in, he progresses to a stunt coordinator and an actor and for kids a lot of for kids, sweat and certainly some tears, he has become successful and wealthy.

This is not the end of the story; he loses almost everything by gambling it away and moves back with his parents in Australia and works on a building site plus some other jobs and works his way back up to where he is now.

No fan should be without this, but I also recommend it to people who are not fans simply because it is a very moving and heart felt story of a remarkable man. When I got this book I literally did not put it down until I'd finished; it took me a whole day to read but it was worth every minute and every hour. This book was written by Jackie Chan and translated into english mhairi mckay biography of albert Jeff Yang.

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Sep 01, Kevin rated it liked it. One of Asia's most popular film stars, Chan has helped reinvent the Hong Kong action genre by blending hyperkinetic stunts with a self-deprecating humor and a freewheeling flamboyance reminiscent of Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. His autobiography, unfortunately, contains few of these elements. In minute detail, he chronicles his punishing childhood in the Chinese Opera Research Institute and his rise to superstardom.

From age seven to 17, biography for kids the severe discipline? But Chan's film persona finally gelled when he began to emulate his silent-movie heroes and to punctuate his films with what he calls "the superstunt"? Chan takes himself to task for neglecting his family indeed, his wife and year-old son are only briefly mentionedand offers a candid look at the gangs, called Triads, that retain a powerful grip on the Hong Kong film industry. But despite such glimpses behind the actor's Teflon veneer, and his punchy anecdotes, this surprisingly tame, sometimes plodding memoir fails to deliver the heady thrills one has come to expect of a Jackie Chan production.

Aug 18, Tina rated it really liked it. I was surprised to learn Jackie Chan was sold to the Chinese Opera when he was a child because his parents couldn't afford to support him That part is believable I suppose. I thought the whole training era, fromwas fascinating Makes me jackie chan if he really is the last true kung fu performer like that, that can do his own stunts, since that kind of training has to be outlawed by now.

Was that training really the key to his skill? Or will others co I was surprised to learn Jackie Chan was sold to the Chinese Opera when he was a child emira eagle biography definition his parents couldn't afford to support him Or will others come out that talented and that well trained without the brutality?

I really enjoyed learning about his early life and early career. I had no idea he was so famous in Asia and around the i am jackie chan biography for kids. So I was a disappointed toward the end when I realized the book was written in before he really made it big in America. Maybe there will be a sequel. Because I really want to know where his daugher fits in there, since he only mentions a wife and son in this book. Probably because she was born in I suppose that's all too scandalous anyway. That's another sad part of his life: But that's what he chose and that seems to be working for him.

i am jackie chan biography for kids

Overall I really enjoyed reading the book and if makes me want to rent his movies and really pay attention to the stunts! The 4 comes from some language but other than that, it's pretty clean.

Mar 17, Brandon rated it it was amazing. The book "i am Jackie Chan: My life in action" was an alright book! It starts off with Jackie i am jackie chan biography for kids born into a Chinese family and all the sexist horoscopes it comes with it. Jackie was an only child and got to travel around the world due to his fathers job.

When he was going into his teen years he participated in many activities like swimming,singing in the Choir and karate. Soon Jackie got into filming and movie making and met a bunch of famous new people. Some of the friends he had growing up The book "i am Jackie Chan: Some of the friends he had growing up actually also got into the filming career also! Jackie soon made the big time staring in all sorts of action movies! One of his most famous, was the movie series "Rush Hour".

But as Jackie got older his roles in action fighting movies soon died down. And even to this day Jackie is still well known for his crazy action movie stunts and karate skills!

Jackie Chan Biography

But if you are a fan of Jackie's movies and want to learn a little bit more about him, check out this book! Jun 22, Anugrah Nagaich rated it really liked it. Surely a nice read for all Jackie fans out here. Apr 15, Joy rated it it was amazing. Any 8th grader's dream come true!

When I was in 8th grade, I complained to my father that I didn't know what I was going to do in life. He recommended that I read biographies, as he did earlier in his life, when he had similarly been lost. What he did not tell me, and what I didn't jackie chan biography out until much later is that he had done the biography exercise in his last year of college. I went to the library which was no burden, as it was easily my favorit Five Stars: I went to the library which was no burden, as it was easily my favorite placebrowsed the biography section, and amassed an armful of interesting biographies.

Out of all the biographies: That and a couple of writers' biographies. When I returned to my father and told him that I aspired to be Sai kiran adivi biography books Chan, well, the joke was most certainly on him! I was surprised how much I enjoyed reading the amazing story of Jackie Chan! As he writes, there will never be another generation that had to go through the severe physical punishment and abuse those kids had to go through. When he gets famous an I was surprised how much I enjoyed reading the amazing story of Jackie Chan!

When he gets famous and writes about his non-stop exploits, he lost me. But for the most part, he is a great, entertaining story-teller. It inspired me to re-watch some of his movies and marvel at his incredible stunts. When you read the back-story of what he had to go through to do these fors kids and the injuries he's received! It's not that I don't believe Jackie Chan went through all of the events as he told them, it's for kids that I have to take his near-savant-level of recalling the minutiae of his childhood with a grain of salt. Anyway, I learned that his history of classical Chinese opera training is what allows him to be so expressive during his extensive jackie chan biography sequences.

This book really highlights the differences between Chinese Hong Kong and American cinema. I've always wondered why he was not It's not that I don't believe Jackie Chan went through all of the biographies for kids as he told them, it's just that I have to take his near-savant-level of recalling the minutiae of his childhood with a grain of salt. I've always wondered why he was not a bigger star in America; it turns out that he did not particularly want to be, because the industries are so different, and he already has a jackie chan thing going in Asia. Overall, a pretty good bio. Feb 09, Matthew Paton rated it liked it.

I've never read an autobiography before; I guess I've never been that interested in a 'personality' to really find out more about them. However I'm very glad to have decided to read this one. Jackie's life has been pretty amazing, from growing up in Hong Kong and attending the Chinese Opera School and his many attempts to break into both the Hong Kong and American film industries.

The majority of the book focuses on Jackie's early life, his parents leaving him at the Opera School, his gruelling tr I've never read an autobiography before; I guess I've never been that interested in a 'personality' to really find out more about them.

The majority of the book focuses on Jackie's early life, his parents leaving him at the Opera School, his gruelling training and the beatings and torture from both his 'Master' and his 'Brothers'. I think this book will appeal to both fans and non fans alike, it's very well written, in a friendly personal style, with a lot of humour, and plenty of little insights into Jackie's life.

i am jackie chan biography for kids

Dec 20, Susan rated it liked it Shelves: This book was the January selection for one of my book clubs. It was interesting to learn about Jackie's life and how the performing arts and movie industries differ between countries, but I had never seen any of his movies before, and this book did not inspire me to start.

Especially not after U. After having read in this book about Asian singing star Teresa This book was the January selection for one of my book clubs. After having read in this book about Asian singing star Teresa Teng, who had remained friends with Jackie after he was such a jerk to her in their younger days, but who died so young, I searched You Tube and discovered that she had a gorgeous voice! I couldn't understand a word she was singing, but it was lovely!!

Dec 08, Phil rated it really liked it.

Jackie Chan biography

Chan had full freedom to stage his stunts as he liked. This film was responsible of establishing the comedic kung fu genre, which became very popular with the Hong Kong audience. After the death of martial arts prodigy Bruce Lee, it came upon Chan to follow him.

i am jackie chan biography for kids

But Chan decided to come up with his own style of filmmaking. In the yearhe was declared to be the most popular martial arts superstar in all of the Asia. This movie became a super hit and was considered to the first innovation combination of slapstick comedy and martial arts. In this movie he extensively experimented with intricate stunts. This association was formed to keep the safety and benefits of stuntmen in mind. It was said to have grossed around 35 million Hong Kong dollars. Fromhuge number of offers started coming his way all the way from the Hollywood, like: Operation Condor', 'Police Story 3: Intially Chan was offered to play villain in Hollywood movies but he did not want to the typical roles or play a stereotypical character.