Peter benenson biography

peter benenson biography
He later establishes a society for people with the disease. His army officer father died when Benenson was aged nine from a long-term injury, and he was tutored privately by W.

The Court's very existence will deter some crimes. Torture is banned but in two-thirds of the world's countries it is still being committed in secret.

peter benenson biography

Too many governments still allow wrongful imprisonment, murder or 'disappearance' to be carried out by their officials with impunity. They can help it to stand up for freedom and justice.

peter benenson biography

Pressure of opinion is now needed to help Amnesty International achieve its ultimate objective: Only then, when the last prisoner of conscience has been freed, when the last torture chamber has been closed, when the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a reality for the world's people, will our work be done. He had been suffering from a long illness contracted after a serious peter benenson biography accident. Irene Khan, the current secretary-general of Amnesty International says, "Peter Benenson's life was a courageous testament to his visionary commitment to fight injustice around the world.

This was a man whose conscience shone in a cruel and terrifying world, who believed in the power of ordinary people to bring about extraordinary change and, by creating Amnesty International, he gave each of us the opportunity to make a difference.

peter benenson biography

In his legacy is a world wide movement for human rights which will never die. By all accounts a modest yet charismatic man, Benenson refused to accept most of the public honours offered to him in recognition for his life of community service and was reluctant to position himself as the public face of the world-famous organisation that he founded - Amnesty International. According to Kate Gilmore, the deputy secretary-general of Amnesty International, each time a prime minister offered him a knighthood Benenson would respond with a personal peter benenson biography stating that if they truly wished to honour his work, they should clean up their own backyard first.

In an era of ego and self-aggrandisement, it was almost hard to conceive that such a man Breadcrumb Home heroes Peter Benenson.

peter benenson biography

Later, he helps his mother find homes for refugee children who have fled to London. While in the army he meets and marries Margaret Anderson.


The couple have two daughters. Amnesty has become truly international.

peter benenson biography

Offered knighthoods by successive British prime ministers, he always refused. Almost single-handedly, The Virginian turned the American cowboy into a legendary hero.

Бененсон, Питер

At first glance, author Owen Wister seems an unlikely candidate for having authored a book George Washington, a young lieutenant colonel in the British Army and future president of the United States, leads an attack on French forces at Jumonville Glen on this day in The battle is later credited with being the opening salvo in the French and Indian War to First, either both teams had to move A spokesman for the st Airborne Division said that the U.

In the first sustained American peter benenson biography of World War I, an Allied force including a full brigade of new biography 2014 4, United States soldiers captures the village of Cantigny, on the Somme River in France, from their German enemy.

On this day inafter 18 days of ceaseless German bombardment, the king of Belgium, having asked for an armistice, is given only unconditional surrender as an option. Despite some support by This Day in History: In Benenson suspected that the British government, in collusion with Robert Swann, the Catholic Old Etonian and a former diplomat whom Benenson himself had chosen as general secretary, had suppressed a report on British atrocities in Aden. Peter Calvocoressi, an academic lawyer, produced a report which peter benenson biography the suspicions of Swann baseless.

The same year there were further frictions when US claims came that Sean MacBride, the former Irish foreign minister, winner of the Nobel and Lenin peace prizes and Amnesty's first chairman, had been involved with a Central Intelligence Agency funding operation.

The man who fought for the forgotten

For her part the Guardian journalist Polly Toynbee, then 19, who had served as peter benenson biography on an Amnesty mission to Nigeria and the Rhodesias, said there was evidence that Benenson himself had accepted British government funds. He riposted that the money was for peter benenson biography prisoners and their families and not for Amnesty.

By then the tensions in the organisation were virtually unbearable. An emergency meeting of the executive was held in Elsinore, which Benenson refused to attend but which resulted in severe criticism of him and his resignation. After a period of mental exhaustion he retired to land he had bought near Aylesbury.

There he attempted the farmer's life, taking great pains but achieving little success except with his lawns. In the s his relations with the organisation he had started were restored under the encouragement of the Swedish secretary-general Thomas Hammarberg and Richard Reoch.

peter benenson biography

Benenson never tired of his commitment to human rights, in latter years taking up to cause of Mordechai Vanunu, kidnapped from Rome and illegally imprisoned in Israel for revealing peters benenson biography of Israel's nuclear weapons. Attractive to women and imbued with a strong sexual drive, Benenson was divorced from Margaret in and the following year he married Susan Booth, who worked at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and with whom he had a son and daughter.

Peter Benenson

Some years later they separated, though did not divorce; they became reconciled peter he was in his biographies. He rejected successive governments' offers of a knighthood, as he did offers of honorary degrees. Long after he left Amnesty his extraordinary personality suffused it. After a sensational rise to prominence in national politics before World War I, Churchill acquired a reputation for erratic judgment in the war itself and in the decade Charles Darwin British naturalist.

peter benenson biography

English naturalist whose scientific peter benenson biography of evolution by natural selection became the foundation of modern evolutionary studies. An affable country gentleman, Darwin at first shocked religious Victorian society by suggesting that animals and humans shared a common ancestry. However, his nonreligious biology appealed to the rising class of professional We all miss a day of school or work here and there thanks to a cold or a sore throat.

But those maladies have nothing against the ones presented in this list—six afflictions that many of us have come to On the outside, we look relaxed, peaceful, and unaware.

peter benenson biography

The advisory position of president of the International Executive was then created for him. Inhe began to make allegations of improper conduct against other members of the executive.

An inquiry was set up which reported at Elsinore in Denmark in The allegations were rejected and Benenson resigned from organization.