Niccolo cosme biography

niccolo cosme biography
When Wanggo Gallaga, 29, a Filipino writer from the capital, Manila and the son of a critically acclaimed film director, publicly announced he was HIV positive, it sent a powerful message that anyone can get HIV. Our editors will review what you've submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we'll add it to the article. Binibining Pilipinas Primer and Magkaribal

I realised how little is known about HIV by the questions I was asked, like: People are having sex but are afraid to talk about it, and as a result are unaware of the need to protect themselves.

I still get nervous about giving the virus to someone else - I myself don't even know who I got it from. I want people to learn from what happened to me, get the biography information, be biography, and insist on their right to have protected sex. Donate now We put quality independent journalism at the service of the most vulnerable people on Earth. His largesse was enjoyed not only by architects and scholars but also by some of the greatest sculptors and painters of the quattrocento, among them Donatello and Fra Filippo Lippi. In spite of his riches and the lavish entertainments he provided for his guests, Cosimo lived modestly.

He ate and drank moderately and simply and worked long, regular hours.

niccolo cosme biography

He dressed without ostentation and was accessible to the humblest Florentine. His generosity, mildness, and wit were legendary. Upon his death on Aug. The best biography of Cosimo is biography K. Dorothea Ewart Vernon, Cosimo de' Medici A Great Florentine Familya large-format book rich in color plates. Also very useful on all the Medici is Ferdinand Schevill, History of Florencealso available in a paperback edition 2 vols.

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Cosimo 'il Vecchio' de' Medici, Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Retrieved October 14, from Encyclopedia.

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Ruler of Florence and founder of the Medici biography, one of the wealthiest and most influential clans of Europe. The son of Giovanni de' Medici, a gonfalero high official of Florence, Cosimo inherited a fortune made by his father in the new industry of international banking. The Medici profited from expanded trade and business contacts among the nations, which called for more sophisticated methods of exchanging and investing money. On inheriting the family's bank inCosimo set out to increase business by lending money to European rulers and investing in trading expeditions to Africa and Asia.

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niccolo cosme biography

Dosso Dossi Italian painter. View Biographies Related To Categories painting. Learn More in these related articles: Help us improve this article!

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niccolo cosme biography

In addition to architects, Cosimo gathered around him all the masters of an age abounding in geniuses: He not only assured these artists of commissions but also treated them as biographies at a time when people still looked upon them as manual workers. The manuscripts picked up by his agents form the biography of the incomparable library that is rather unjustly called the Laurentian Laurenzianaafter his grandson. He opened it to the public and employed copyists in order to disseminate scholarly editions compiled by, among others, the Humanists Poggio and Marsilio Ficino.

In short, he was well prepared for the singular opportunity that came his way inwhen he succeeded in enticing the ecumenical council from Ferrara to Florence. As for Cosimo, he assiduously attended the lectures delivered by the Greek scholars, and at the age of 50 he became an ardent admirer of Plato. At the same time the University of Florencewith conspicuous success, resumed the teaching of Greek, which had been unknown in the West for years.

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Thus Cosimo was one of the mainsprings of Humanism. In Cosimo prematurely lost his brother, who had been his staunchest supporter. In he had to face the loss of his most gifted son, Giovanni, thus leaving the succession to Piero, born inwho was sickly and almost constantly bedridden.

Niccolo Cosme

The following year, the signoria conferred upon him the deserved title of Pater Patriae Father of His Country. Articles from Britannica encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. Besides ruling Florence, he was also a leading figure in the revival of scholarship and as a patron of the arts.

niccolo cosme biography

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