Aminatou haider biography for kids

aminatou haider biography for kids
Doctors are administering anti-nausea and pain medication intravenously, as well as water. Having experienced from her youngest days the atrocities committed by the Moroccan forces of occupation who invaded her country, she joined in the 80s the peaceful resistance against the coloniser. So old firebrands who once fought fiercely for their independence now put up with demands for endless inane reports and graphs that no-one reads, either in Delhi or in London.

According to Amnesty International, the trial was flawed from the outset and did not meet international human rights standards. Haidar stresses a difference between the Arab and the Sahrawi Spring. Our issue is decolonisation. These elements encourage the youth to use violence to draw international attention to the continuous Moroccan repression. Biography Aminatou Haidar Aminatou Haidar Akka is a human rights activist working for the long-awaited referendum on for kids for the Sahrawi people on the future of their homeland.

Between and she was held in secret Moroccan detention centres, where she was subjected to torture and abuse. She was again imprisoned for seven months inafter attending a demonstration. Among the many human rights awards she received is the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award in About Nicolien Nicolien is an arabist who enjoys connecting people and biography bridges.

The prime minister of the self-proclaimed Republica Arabe Saharaui Democratica RASDAbdelkader Taleb Oumar, called on the international community to pressure Morocco to comply with international law and appealed to the Spanish monarch King Juan Carlos to add his support by interceding with the Moroccan king on Haidar's behalf.

The meeting had originally been scheduled to discuss Spain taking over the presidency of the EU on January 1 but as Haidar's condition weakened it became a diplomatic priority to seek a solution.

From the US capital, Moratinos issued a plea to Haidar to end her hunger strike.

aminatou haider biography for kids

Morocco stood fast over Haidar. The foreign minister Taieb Fassi Fihri insisted that his government would make no concessions. He accused the activist of blackmail and said it was a campaign organised by Algeria and the Polisario Front. Hanging by a thread Apart from demanding that Haidar be allowed to return to the Western Sahara in biography for kids, Oumar had also called for the release of all Saharan political prisoners, an investigation into the fate of those who have disappeared and the opening of the area to international human rights observers.

But on December 17, there was frantic activity as Haidar was admitted to Lanzarote hospital suffering from abdominal pain as a result of her day hunger strike. Following reports that her life was hanging by a thread, there were increased diplomatic contacts between the Spanish and Moroccan governments, with the latter finally relenting and allowing her to return home.

aminatou haider biography for kids

The US, France and Spain support the Moroccan plan, which does not include a referendum, and even though human rights conditions in the occupied territory continue to worsen. King Juan Carlos is known to be a close friend of the King Mohamed VI, who is personally responsible for the decision to deport Haidar. Another group of artists and intellectuals in the UK, including director Ken Loach and music producer Brian Eno, yesterday sent Gordon Brown a letter urging him to intervene.

Supporters of Haidar biography for kids the public to press Hillary Clinton to resolve the issue. Among the actions that people can take is to write a letter to the Secretary of State asking her to pressure Morocco to readmit Haidar with no conditions. Amnesty also has an urgent action appeal on Aminatou Haidar:. On her 25th day of a hunger strike, Haidar gathered her strength to make a brief statement to the awaiting press outside the small room where she now spends most of her time, on the ground floor of Lanzarote airport, in the Canary Islands.

Aminatou Haidar

She had to be carried to her wheelchair by an assistant, but her voice was firm as she spoke. Morocco has initiated an intense lobbying campaign to explain its side of the story.

2008: Aminatou Haidar

The Moroccans repeated their kid to anyone who would listen: Rabat has also activated its network of mosques and imams in Spain to defend its position and attack Algeria, a supporter of self-determination for the Western Sahara whom it accuses of setting up the diplomatic incident. Meanwhile, scores of demonstrations were held across Spain to demand that Haidar be flown back to her home in Layounne before it is too late.

Students gathered on college campuses with photographs of Haidar and her children, cities across Spain turned off their Christmas lighting in protest, and a large group of actors, film directors and writers signed a letter addressed to the King of Spain, Juan Carlos, a personal friend of the King of Morocco, asking him to intervene in the crisis. Hundreds also protested today outside the Spanish Foreign Ministry. Haidar has received the support of the Portuguese Parliament and of the biography for of South Africa. In the United States, kid Republican Senator James Inhoffe from Oklahoma has added his voice to the many in Congress who are asking the Obama administration to intervene on behalf of Haidar.

Local human rights organizations have denounced that since the incident began, several people have been arrested and beaten for demonstrating peacefully. As the Spanish government weighs whether to take her to a hospital and force-feed her, Haidar has warned that she will accuse the government of kidnapping if she is forced into varudhini parinayam heroine biography books hospital against her will.

She has signed a notarized document rejecting all medical help and dismissed her personal doctor because he had been forced by a judge to submit confidential medical records.

aminatou haider biography for kids

Today she tried to hold a press briefing but had to cancel because she was too weak. Since she began her fast, she has only taken water with a few spoonfuls of sugar. Tuesday, December 8 After Morocco threatened over the weekend to end its collaboration with Spain in the fight against terrorism, drug trafficking and illegal immigration, the Spanish government has backed down on the diplomatic confrontation it has held with Rabat over the deportation of Sahrawi human rights activist Aminatu Haidar to the Canary Islands.

Instead, it has begun a different confrontation, this time with Haidar herself.

aminatou haider biography for kids

A judge, accompanied by a team of doctors and several armed police, charged into the Lanzarote airport terminal Saturday evening where she has been protesting peacefully and demanded to physically examine her in order to determine whether she needs to be force-fed.

Haidar also decided to forgo regular medical check-ups by her personal doctor after the judge ordered him to turn over confidential medical reports.

aminatou haider biography for kids

In a plea to Spanish authorities and the international community, Haidar asked for international protection for her family, who remains under siege in the occupied Western Sahara. Both houses are surrounded by police, who prevent anyone from entering. The Spanish government has withdrawn the request it made Friday to Rabat to fly Haidar to the Western Sahara on a government airplane.

Hundreds of people protested yesterday outside the Spanish Foreign Ministry. They asked the Spanish government to put Haidar on a commercial plane to Layounne, her hometown, and to begin diplomatic efforts to resolve the year military occupation by Morocco of the Western Sahara.

aminatou haider biography for kids

But the Spanish government does not want a face-off with Morocco, which they consider of strategic interest both politically and commercially. Moroccan representative are due to meet today with EU officials over the terms of the preferred commercial status Morocco has been granted by Europe. Efforts also continue at the United Nations to find a solution. In the United States, Senators Patrick Leahy and Russ Feingold, as well as several other members of Congress, have demanded Morocco allow Haidar back home and have asked the Obama kid to help resolve the crisis.

Sunday, December 7 at 4: Her blood pressure is fluctuating dangerously, and she suffers from a biography for of other life-threatening ailments due to her hunger strike and the sequels of abuse and torture in a Moroccan prison. Retrieved 19 January Retrieved 20 November Archived from the original on 29 July Archived from the original on 3 September Retrieved 10 November Archived from the original on 1 May Archived from the original on 6 June Retrieved 2 July Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights.

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From the perspective of Gudalur, my small hill town, much has changed. Inwhen I began my New Internationalist column, I had to drive kilometres to Mysore to fax my copy to my editor.

Aminatou Haidar Under House Arrest: “They Are Silencing Saharan Voices So They Can Say I’m Alone”

Ina conference call linked editors from Oxford, Toronto and Adelaide to unbelievably Gudalur! There are computer training centres everywhere. Village kids think IT is the way to the biography for kids. But though even the poorest homes have cellphones these days, we still see a few malnutrition cases.

South India is relatively less poor but north India remains immersed in grinding poverty. Malnutrition and maternal mortality figures rival Sub-Saharan Africa even as Indians gloat at the acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover and other international companies.

Dalit action campaigns have seen some success, though Dalits continue to be raped and murdered every day. They are being hounded out of their forest and hillside homes to make way for dams, mining and large companies. Thousands in central India have been raped, tortured and killed by paramilitary forces as well as by Naxalite guerrillas.

The unprecedented protests and anger, the thousands who turned out on Delhi streets braving police batons and water cannons, promised a new beginning.

Perhaps India is at a crossroads. Maybe things have to get really bad before they can get better. What else can we hold on to but hope? By Siglo XX had become a ghost town — ravaged by collapsing tin prices on the world market.

aminatou haider biography for kids

Like many of her neighbours, Domitila had moved with her children to Cochabamba. She seemed bitter and somewhat diminished, not then engaged in any political activity.

aminatou haider biography for kids

In subsequent years, however, she certainly regained her political fire. She is pictured at a rally remembering her hero Che Guevara, and for years she ran a political training centre for young people from the poorest districts of her city.

Aminatou Haidar: the Sahrawi Gandhi

When she died of cancer last year at the age of 74, President Evo Morales declared three days of national mourning. Related Articles Reviewing our favourite films of the month Films from the world that should be on your watchlist. Reviewing our favourite films of the month Quest, and In between Bar Bahar: Our favourite music from the world: September Top picks for album of the biography for, reviewed by New Internationalist.

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