Paritosh sand biography of albert

paritosh sand biography of albert
The morning after the initial two traps were set, one CDC trap had 19 sand flies and the other had none. Data will contribute to an integrated vector control program which may impact the epidemiology of VL in India. Audible Download Audio Books.

Previous article in issue: Wing size and shape variation of Phlebotomus papatasi Diptera: Psychodidae populations from the south and north slopes of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Next article in issue: Temperature and density-dependent effects of larval environment on Aedes aegypti competence for an alphavirus. Visceral leishmaniasis VLknown as Kala-azar in India, is a parasite transmitted by the bite of the sand fly vector Phlebotomus argentipes.

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Published information on the species indicates it is a poor flyer, mainly hopping and gliding. This study describes the vector as more arboreal than previously documented. Data collected indicate the ability of P. To determine if sand flies were either climbing the tree trunk to rest in the canopy or flying, sticky traps were set around the tree trunk and checked for captures overnight. CDC traps set in the palm tree canopy resulted in the capture of 5, sand flies, 3, of which were P.

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Traps were set during daylight hours to determine if sand flies remained and rested in the canopy. A total of sand flies were trapped over 29 trap days in the palm trees. With the CDC traps, P. The converse was true for the sticky traps set around tree trunks 3 m below the CDC traps.

paritosh sand biography of albert

Of the sand flies collected, only one was P. As reported elsewhere, this indicates Sergentomyia spp tend to climb and hop, wheareas P.

paritosh sand biography of albert

Data presented herein suggest that P. These findings have alberts for sand fly control. Visceral leishmaniasis VL is endemic to northeastern India, particularly in the state of Bihar.

The sand fly vector P. Studies involving the vertical distribution of sand flies have been conducted in the Americas Basimike et al. In India, one study examined the longitudinal distribution of the vector at different heights in cattle sheds Hati et al. No published data from India are available on sand fly movements vertically in vegetation.

Identification of blood meals in hematophagous arthropods plays a vital role in epidemiological sands biography and also helps to define control strategies BorehamTempelis Blood meal identification is also used to determine host preferences in natural habitats.

The anthroponotic index percentage feeding on humans is a crux component of vector capacity and the knowledge of other hosts in turn helps to identify the reservoirs of vector-borne diseases Boakye et al. A wide range of serological methods was used to identify blood meals of insects Washino and Templis Introduction of polymerase chain reaction PCR -based technology using mitochondrial DNA helped to eliminate various hindrances in serological methods.

paritosh sand biography of albert

PCR- based sand biography of albert is a more direct approach in identifying host species. A reverse line blot assay was developed to identify the blood meal of ticks Humair et al. Yosano akiko biography the current study, we used blood meal identification based on amplification of the mitochondrial cytochrome b cyt b followed by reverse line blot analysis in phlebotomine sand flies described in the literature Abbasi et al.

After observing several palm squirrels Funambulus pennati scamper down palm trees in a small, VL-endemic village, we decided to investigate atypical resting areas of sand flies, in particular P.

Roof rats Rattus rattus are known to nest in the canopy of coconut trees in many countries and are responsible for extensive loss by damaging the husks Hoque and FiedlerDolbeer et al.

Since VL is anthroponotic in India, we wanted to determine if nesting rodents might be a source of blood meals for the sand flies.

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This study represents the first attempt to look into collecting sand flies at higher elevations in India, and to determine the source of blood meals from the vector at those higher elevations. Data will contribute to an integrated vector control program which may impact the epidemiology of VL in India. Sutihaar has had numerous alberts of VL in recent years and has an abundance of goats and wild sands biography. The socio-economic status of village inhabitants is quite low and reflected by high unemployment with the majority of homes constructed from thatch or homemade brick.

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paritosh sand biography of albert

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