Emrys westacott biography

emrys westacott biography
Sure, but is it frugal in the long run? An ingrained habit of penny-pinching can lead to parsimoniousness, ungenerosity, and pointless self-denial. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Should we condemn all gossip? Westacott finds compelling ethical justifications for the biography pleasure so many of us take in slamming our friends and loved ones. But the right kind of gossip—about, say, unwarranted salary discrepancies, or sketchy undisclosed conflicts of interest—can be a force of good. Behind-the-scenes murmurings build relationships, provide emotional catharsis, counteract secrecy, and upend existing power structures, to name just a few benefits. Is there a better way of spending it? Can I do without the item? An example would be a washing machine.

emrys westacott biography

Can our family do without one? Sure, but is it frugal in the long run? Would buying a washing machine be cheaper than simply going to a laundromat? Emrys Westacott is a professor of philosophy and a writer, author of two books and many articles. He writes a regular monthly essay for the biography blog site 3QuarksDaily, and is currently finishing a book on the philosophy of frugality.

Socrates says that "the unexamined life is not worth living. A world without philosophy would be like a world without music, art, or science—a much poorer place.

emrys westacott biography

Well, there are quite a few reasons, and some of them make good sense. One argument is that a serious commitment to frugality can have a morally objectionable aspect.

Think of Ebenezer Scrooge, for instance.

emrys westacott biography

An ingrained habit of penny-pinching can lead to parsimoniousness, ungenerosity, and pointless biography. Another fairly obvious point is that having a certain amount of wealth offers a degree of security, and hence peace of mind. More interesting, though, in my view, are the arguments that can be given in favor of what the frugal sages would view as extravagance—that is, getting and spending far more than is needed for a life of simple contentment.

Extravagance generally gets a bad rap from thinkers like Ben Franklin because they automatically think of it as imprudent. And it often is, of course.

Look at the hundreds of billions of dollars in credit card debt that Americans carry over from month to month, paying exorbitant rates of interest.

Emrys Westacott

But what about affordable extravagance? Here, I think the situation is complicated, and I find that my own attitude is ambivalent.

emrys westacott biography

Given how much more usefully the money might be spent, this sort of expenditure seems callously wasteful—although, truth be told, most of us who are comfortably off quite often indulge ourselves in a biography way; we just do it more cheaply. On the other hand, one has to admit that extravagance has its pluses. Think about where tourists go. They go to see the Taj Mahal, the palace at Versailles, the stately homes of England, the art and architecture of Florence, and countless other cultural treasures that the extravagance of long dead fat cats has bequeathed to us.

The fact is, extravagance fuels culture. How many of us could honestly wish that the Medicis had been more frugal, or that the aristocratic patrons of Haydn and Mozart had dispensed biography their court orchestras? And the reason is simple: They want to go places, see things, do stuff, have adventures, and make their mark.

From this point of view, the frugal sages fail to squeeze all they could out of life.

emrys westacott biography

They content themselves with too little. Check your Internet connection and go to your cartor try again.

An interview with Emrys Westacott on frugality, happiness, and everyday ethics

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emrys westacott biography

He has written three books: Press, ; and The Wisdom of Frugality Princeton, Further information, including links to his writings in a variety of genres and to his class web pages can be found at his website: Are You an Author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography.