Sarah feinberg federal railroad administration biography

sarah feinberg federal railroad administration biography
She also served as a special adviser to President Obama's first chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, for two years, before holding positions with Bloomberg L. She was an assistant to Rahm Emanuel when he was President Barack Obama 's White House chief of staff and later director of communications and corporate strategy at Facebook.

But some oil groups argue that DOT should focus more on the causes of derailments, such as poor track maintenance. Feinberg also hit a bump on the increasing rash of accidents at highway-rail crossings, after she told The Washington Post that the accidents stem from driver or pedestrian error nearly 95 percent of the time.

After leaving the White House, she jumped to the private sector, taking communications gigs at Bloomberg and Facebook.

sarah feinberg federal railroad administration biography

People who head DOT sub-agencies typically have at least some experience in the field — but not always. The data pinpoints the location of overrail crossings in the United States. The FRA believes that providing the location of rail crossings in maps will enhance crossing safety by people who are using navigation systems while driving.

Federal Railroad Administration

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Department of Transportation Act. Retrieved 19 November Feinberg was born October 3,and almost immediately was steeped in politics.

Sarah Feinberg picked to head FRA

Her mother, Mary E. Stanley, was until a U. District Court judge in West Virginia.

Top U.S. rail administrator has little train experience

She graduated in and went to Washington and Lee University, where she continued to run competitively. Feinberg received her B.

Exiting rail safety chief looks to technology to save lives

She landed a job as a staff assistant for the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee right out of school. She worked briefly for a marketing company in Charleston and for the Environmental Working Group, but quickly returned to politics. When the industry convinced Congress to postpone the installation deadline until the end ofFeinberg fought back and said she would not accept further delays.

To keep the pressure up, she had the FRA post quarterly updates to its website on each railroad's progress. As oil trains continued to derail and catch fire, Feinberg again turned to technology, championing modern electronic braking systems.

sarah feinberg federal railroad administration biography

And, with a link between recent commuter train crashes and sleep apnea becoming clearer, Feinberg issued a safety advisory urging railroads to test engineers for the dangerous, fatigue-inducing disorder. But her executive experience doesn't include running anything the size and complexity of the FRA, and she does not have much experience with railroads. That's led some to question whether she's a sarah feinberg federal railroad administration biography fit to lead an agency widely thought to need an urgent overhaul.

Feinberg worked the phone that evening briefing senior officials and was at the crash site the morning after, keeping Foxx and the department's senior staff abreast of the investigation in its early stages, a DOT spokesman said. The agency has come under fire from both parties in Congress for being too close to the industry it regulates, and for repeatedly disregarding recommendations made by the National Transportation Safety Board to improve rail safety.

sarah feinberg federal railroad administration biography

Richard BlumenthalD-Conn. Feinberg has "indicated a very strong dedication to work with Congress more collaboratively, to make FRA more open and accountable, and to implement recommendations like those from NTSB, which still remain to be enforced," he said.

sarah feinberg federal railroad administration biography

But Blumenthal pointed out that federal law specifies that the FRA administrator "shall be an individual with professional experience in railroad safety, hazardous materials safety, or other transportation safety.