Hyorin heo young saeng biography

hyorin heo young saeng biography
However, B2M later announced that Heo's fanmeeting in Saeng Quito, Ecuador and Arequipa, Peru on August 22 and August 24 respectively were cancelled due to lack of time for proper preparation. Retrieved 8 May

Heo Young Saeng

During early June, Heo's Japan official website released tracks and information for his upcoming second Japanese album entitled Memories To Youwhich was released on July 3. The album mainly consists of SS cover songs and rearranged tracks from his young saeng biography albums, but there are also two new songs included. Heo had his first fanmeeting tour in South and Latin America together with co-member Park Jung-min starting on August The tour originally consisted of four stops: However, B2M later announced that Heo's fanmeeting in Saeng Quito, Ecuador and Arequipa, Peru on August 22 and August 24 heo were cancelled due to lack of time for proper preparation.

Fanmeetings in Lima, Peru on August 17 and Mexico on August 20 were held as originally planned, and an encore in Lima, Peru on August 24 was added later on.

Heo performed during the Lotte Family Festivaltogether with the other 28 performers in Seoul.

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In particular, he sang "Because I'm Stupid" from Boys Over Flowers original soundtrack, which won several awards back in On October 3, B2M officially announced Heo's enlistment details through his official website. The album contains five tracks about a man's regrets and painful memories for a past lover, [87] and his single, "Weak Child", features Japanese actress Fujii Mina.

SS501's Heo Young Saeng pairs up to sing 'Sherlock (Clue+Note)' on 'Duet Song Festival'!

Heo is the second member of SS to be enlisted after Kim Kyu-jong. He was enlisted as a conscripted policeman for about twenty-one months after passing in late July, [6] which he has been preparing for after receiving the draft notice. On July 30,Heo has completed his military service and has officially been discharged. He made his exit quietly through a private discharge ceremony without holding any special events or meeting with the press.

His very first official schedule following his discharge will be a fan meeting in Korea on August 29 at Sungshin Women's University's Woonjung Green Campus auditorium.

Heo Young-saeng Quotes

In just a minute, all of the seats were sold out. After his domestic fan meeting, he will hold one in Tokyo on September 5, greeting his overseas fans in a long time. Heo Young Saeng is working hard to repay the fans who have a lot of interest and support for Heo Young Saeng's first activity after being discharged from the army, so please have a lot of anticipation for Heo Young Saeng's fan meeting on August In relation with him joining CI Entertainment, last June while his currently in the military duty.

hyorin heo young saeng biography

Around the time of his discharge, the decision on his contract is expected to come out. The company is actively recruiting and Heo Young Saeng is said to be positively looking over it.

If the contract does get signed, we plan on support Heo Young Saeng in all aspects from singing to acting.

hyorin heo young saeng biography

Heo together with Hyung Jun were cast in the musical " Haru ". The musical Haru, which premiered in has an extra special star studded cast you cannot normally see. Hyung Jun plays a detective named Kang Yongwon who loses his memory of the girl he loves, in a train accident.

Heo plays screenwriter Han Minho. The cast is sure to stir the enthusiasm of Japanese fans. While, Hyun Joong and Jung Min are currently inactive due to military service duty. The group is set to release it on February 16, Also, they're set to hold a concert in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

hyorin heo young saeng biography

Also, it was released Dec 3, Heo has several friends in the entertainment industry besides his co-members in SS and labelmates. Heo and Siwon even attended the same school and were classmates. Park even saw Heo off to the heo young in Island 's Lee HongKiboth lee and heo support each young saeng biography in concerts and other events. Although he is a star and part of a boyband, he also looks up to others in his industry. In particular, he is a fanboy of Shinhwaexpressing his derek lee ragin farinelli biography and respect of the group.

In fact, he was even encouraged to join the music industry because of Lee Min-wooas well as joining Shinhwa's official fanclub, Shinhwa Changjo. Furthermore, since Shinhwa is considered one of the longest boybands in Korea, he hopes for SS to be like them. Before it was established, B2M Entertainment first held a fan club naming contest to determine Heo's official fan club name. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is a Korean biography ; the family name is Heo.

SS Double S Heo Young Saeng's selected performances during his joint Fanmeeting tour in Mexico Archived from the original on April 15, Retrieved June 27, Archived from the heo on April 6, Retrieved June 22, Archived from the original on September 13, Archived from the original on January 8, Retrieved June 28, Part 1 album info 23 January The five members with the same dream have fulfilled our dream together.

I think SS will be the same even after 5 years. Meeting together, forming SS is the best thing happened in my life. Every day we present the best quotes!

Heo Young-saeng

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Heo Young Saeng croons 'I Cannot Forget' for 'Blow Breeze' OST

CuteAnimalOtters. TogetherOvercomingAble. The five members with the same dream have fulfilled our dream together Heo Young-saeng. DreamTogetherMembers. I think SS will be the same even after 5 years Heo Young-saeng.

hyorin heo young saeng biography

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