Travel Around the World Safely

1. The perfect moment will be more unforgettable when we have someone to share with. Taking some vacations with your beloved ones or people that have close relationship with you will make the holiday even more fun than doing the traveling alone. While walking around the city, it is recommended that you keep on walking on the main street and have companion with you especially during night traveling.

2. Equip yourself with first aids, some medicines, sunglasses, and sun block, especially when you go to some tropical countries so that you can enjoy sun bathing nicely without making your skins gets burned.

3. It is necessary that you take as little as possible and pack only things that you need. For example, you don’t have to bring lots of clothes with you because you can buy some clothes on the places that you visit. Beside, you may not want to miss the chance in trying some traditional or local clothes while you visit Indonesia, Thailand, Italy, and other places. It is necessary to you don’t have to bring some jewelry with you while traveling. It is also necessary that you write your name on your luggage. Make sure that you get your travel insurance, legal documents and enough money of course.

4. Before you visit any countries, it is necessary for you to learn the law and customs in those countries. It will be very helpful to enable you in understanding what to do and what not to do while visiting the country. You may want to learn how to greet the local people with their own language; it will be a great start on communicating with them.

Trip to Incredible Indonesia

1. Bali

Of course, this will always top the list as everyone’s favorite destination to travel to. The endless days of sunshine and amazing landscape makes Bali one of the most loved destinations around the world. It’s no wonder that Bali ends up in a lot of bucket lists.

Bali is home to friendliest locals which makes it one of the top reasons to visit this destination. The traditional way of life experienced in Bali is one of its own kinds. From cultural festivals to the mouth watering cuisine, your trip will surely be an amazing one. Nothing beats the awe-inspiring landscape of Bali. The beaches are truly heavenly and offer opportunities for a perfect break!

2. Komodo Islands

If you wish to experience something truly exotic in Bali, travel to the wonderful Komodo Islands. Even though Bali is more popular, these islands are truly unmissable. Most of the travelers find it to be a piece of heaven on earth. Since there are less people living in and around the islands, it tends to be more peaceful than other Indonesian destinations. The ethnic groups in the Komodo Islands are truly a pleasure to explore. They are extremely hospitable and would kindly show you around all the wonderful attractions.

Komodo National Park is one of the main attractions in the island. The exotic wildlife and nature is surely going to be the highlight of your trip there. Travelers love spotting the famous Komodo dragon.
Since the Komodo National Park is home to several trails, it is a perfect place for adventurers. The trails might be difficult for hiking, but it’s surely rewarding with the spectacular views you witness along the way.

3. Borobudur

This is one destination you must explore during your trip to Indonesia. Famous for being the world’s biggest Buddhist monument, it is truly a wondrous place to visit. There are plenty of hotels nearby that offer a luxurious stay. Exploring the surroundings in Borobudur is truly a delightful experience.

One of the top experiences that travelers make an effort for is witnessing the sunrise from Borobudur. Although this means you’d have to wake up pretty early to get to the site, the effort would be totally worth it because the site is one of a kind!

Affordable Travel Packages

Do you really need an all-inclusive package? Are the “inclusions” even worth paying for? It all depends on what you really want out of a vacation. For most people, airfare, clean room, free breakfast, and free Wi-Fi is enough. Before selecting an all-inclusive package, ask yourself if you can do without some of the stuff it comes with.

Another important consideration is location. There can be hotels all over a city. Don’t think that just because you’re getting a room at a low price that you will be saving money. Depending on its location, you could end up paying more on a car rental, bus, or taxi. You might not even have to rent a car if your hotel is located walking distance from all of the places you plan to visit. At the very least, there should be a supermarket within walking distance so you can grab a few necessities.

Always know EXACTLY what you are booking and paying for. Don’t get scammed by so-called “affordable travel packages” that have hidden fees. Not that all of them do – some really are good bargains. You still need to be careful. It also helps to read the terms and conditions to understand the cancellation process. Some packages will charge you money if you have a change of plans and have to cancel. You might even come across some no-refund type of offers.

Use Google Maps or some other type of interactive street map for a better understanding of where a hotel is located in relation to restaurants, shops, bus stations, the airport, train stations, beach, etc. Having an idea of where everything is located will make it easier to sort through affordable travel packages.

Safety Airplane

I love Indonesia. It is a wonderful country with more than ten thousand tropical islands, thousands of dialects and hundreds of interesting cultures. White sand and paradisiacal beaches, impenetrable rainforest and archipelago of active volcanoes make this territory one of the most wonderful countries in the world for backpackers. The wild life inside the sea as on the land are incredibly diversified and Indonesia count hundreds, if not thousands of species you won’t find anywhere else. Additionally, Indonesia has rich natural resources which provide food and premium material for this over populated country (more than 200 millions people).

What relation with airplane? I believe many people are reluctant to travel around Indonesia since the recent event. Or should I say events (with an “s”). Indeed, the last few years have been catastrophic in terms of Airplane Crash. Unfortunately, this wonderful country is governed by a vast majority of corrupted politician who have much better to do than controlling the airplane regulation. So of course, the big competitions among Airlines Company push each of them to reduce the charges at any cost. And very often starting by reduce the maintenance frequency of their planes or the used of old spare parts, etc.. This can be scary, but it is the true.

Obviously, the Indonesian Transport’s Ministry’s recently announced that they will probably drop three airlines to the lowest rating category. Those Airlines were Adam Air, Wings Air and Dirgantara Air. Basically, they separate the companies in three different category. The first category (category I) is considered as the “fully compliant” group. The companies in the last category (category III) will have three months to make improvement before having their licenses revoked. The middle category (category II) is for the companies which have met the minimal safety requirement but have not yet complied with a number of flight-related safety measures.

After checked the safety regulations of all the 20 passenger airlines, they come with the following results.

None of the airlines are completely complying with safety regulations. It means that none of the all Indonesia airlines companies are in the category I. The 13 companies in the category II are: Garuda Indonesia, Merpati Nusantara Airlines, Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Wings Air, Indonesia AirAsia, Mandala Airlines, Pelita Air Service, Riau Airlines, Trigana Air Service and Travel Express Aviation Service. These airlines fall short on a smaller number of safety requirements. And for the bottom category III, we have: Batavia, Adam Air, Kartika Airlines, Trans Wisata Air, Jatayu Airlines and cargo jetliners Tri MG Intra Asia Airlines and Manunggal Air Service.

Some of the company airlines in the middle category proclaim to have no idea of the kind of criteria the government is using to rate the airlines. I have to admit that transparency has never been the strong point of this government. Some airlines promised they will make improvements. At least, this result has boosted the debate and obviously should improve the situation in the future.

Personally, I believe AirAsia, Garuda Indonesia or Merpati to be some of the safest, despite the tragic event’s of Garuda Indonesia last month. For AirAsia, it is actually not a local company as they are based in Malaysia, but they provide at least fifteen destinations in Indonesia. And the have some of the cheapest airline tickets available in Asia.