About Bali Travel Guide

The people of Bali are very friendly, and enjoy having visitors come to their area. Many speak English to interact with tourists. They have chosen to preserve their culture for all to see rather than change it to become like other countries. The beaches are a main attraction with surfing being one of the most popular activities. Others enjoy renting a boat for the day to relax on the open waters.

Lodging in Bali ranges from small bungalows to huge fancy hotels, all with basic accommodations to meet the needs of tourists. The view from your hotel will be wonderful because of the rich beauty of the area regardless of where you choose to stay.

The people of Bali are very artistic. They enjoy painting, weaving, carving, basket making, and other arts. Children are taught art from a very early age. They often display their makings to sell to the tourists.

Temples are a main attraction in Bali. They are called Pura. The temples provide an opportunity to explore religion and art of the culture. The people of Bali are still very religious, and it is very important that those visiting the Temples show respect for their religious beliefs.

Art galleries exhibit creative and attractive art work to view. Wildlife and nature reserves are popular in Bali. Many people go to get a glimpse of the very dangerous Komodo Dragon, a large lizard that is found only in the area and is extinct. The rare Java tiger is also displayed.

There are more than 400 volcanoes in Indonesia, 128 are still active. They offer a historical view of this natural creation to observe. Botanic Gardens are also a very popular attraction. Displaying flora and fauna as well as promoting conservation, people are drawn to the beauty of such attractions.

While Indonesia is a beautiful and serene place to visit, it is strongly advised at this time to be cautious with such visits due to the possibility of terrorist attacks. If you do choose to travel to the area do not travel alone and make sure you have registered with the US Embassy.

Reasons to Visit Ireland

Unspoiled Landscape

One of the greatest wonders to see is Slieve League, which is the country’s highest sea-cliffs and only accessible after completing a drive along a winding coastal road. This is a completely unspoiled region that offers stunning coastline scenery. The country’s coastline stretches for nearly 9000 miles which gives tourist a natural feast of attractions to explore. Many of the appealing attractions include the inland waterways, rural bog lands, pebbly beaches and vast mountains.

Rich History

Ireland has a very rich history that makes it an ideal destination for the historians. Much of the history dates to prehistoric times, which includes plenty of ancient sites, magnificent houses and museums. A visit to Country Meath is great for those interested in archaeological sites. Plus, there are many castles to be seen across the country with many restored to their past glory. Additionally, there are plenty of arts and historical centres that can be visited to get a better appreciation of the local heritage.

Food and Drink

Tasting the traditional food and beverages on a holiday in Ireland is certain to help get a true appreciation of the country. Potato cakes, Irish stews, Irish coffee, Irish whiskey and Guinness are just a few of the great things to taste while on the travels. Many of the meals are home cooked and simple which should appeal to even the most difficult to please eaters.

Brando Resort

The exceptional heaven and quietness that the island gives was rediscovered by Marlon Brando. Marlon who was an on-screen character in America, turned this island and its more than three-mile inward tidal pond, into his own heaven escape.

Marlon Brando never needed to shroud his island heaven and its social history. In the good ‘ol days he settled the objective to share the miracles and excellence of his atoll with the world.

He trusted that some time or another Tetiaroa would turn into a case to the world, of how individuals and the earth can live in congruity.

The magnificence and uniqueness of the way of life and history of Tetiaroa and French Polynesia is unquestionable. Initially found by voyagers from Southeast Asia about four-thousand years prior, and later rediscovered by European wayfarers, the managing stars have been directing explorers through the South Pacific to French Polynesia for centuries.

In spite of confusions that accompanied the Europeans uncovering, Tetiaroa stayed holy to the neighborhood individuals, which can be seen through the conservation of the land.

Open just by a 20 minute, private, eight-traveler plane ride, worked via Air Tetiaroa out of Tahiti’s Faa’a International Airport, The Brando was made to breath life into Marlon’s fantasy. The resort itself is situated on a 190-section of land island, named “Onetahi”.

Visitors are presently ready to visit the fundamental island of the resort, as well as ready to investigate any of the remote, pristine private islands encompassing the tidal pond, which can all be come to by either kayaks, or by foot.

Tauini, Tauroa and Hiraanae, situated on the northern side of the tidal pond, are isolated by a little break in the coral reef, alluded to as a “hoa”. This break is home to a huge swath of sea life, and all the time guests are sufficiently fortunate to find the lemon shark nursery in the zone. Once a coconut manor, with its own one of a kind dock and town, Rimatuu was the first of these islands to be occupied by Europeans. Reiono, home to a huge populace of coconut crabs, is the main islet that has safeguarded its crude rain timberland.

Food Experiences in Indonesia

  • Satay. The Satay is probably the best-known Indonesian dish in the world, but one variation that may have escaped your attention is Satay Ponorgo. This is an East Java dish originating in the town of Ponorgo and is made from marinated chicken meat served with a sauce made from peanuts and chilli. This dish is unique however in that each skewer contains a whole chicken’s meat, not just a few slices, so it is a rather filling dish! This is a traditional recipe calls for it to be marinated in its special sauce for long periods of time before cooking. It is traditionally cooked in a specially designed earthenware pot roasted over hot coals.
  • Gado Gado. This is a basic vegetable dish made from cooked and raw vegetables in a coconut milk and peanut sauce. You will find this dish in almost every restaurant as well as many street vendors, where the peanut sauce is made fresh for each dish. This makes Gado-Gado more special word is served in Indonesia as opposed to the restaurants back home, where the sauces are prepared in advance.
  • Rujak. This dish is widely regarded as Indonesia’s national salad dish. Consisting of pineapples, bananas, green apples and cucumber, it is then dressed with chilli powder and dark soy sauce with a little brown sugar and a splash of lime juice and is absolutely delicious and refreshing. It’s something you don’t see very often outside of Indonesia so make sure you give it a try.
  • Nasi goreng. This is the famous fried rice dish that is served around the world, and is a simple combination of rice, dark soy sauce, chilli powder, onions, garlic, and brown sugar with seasoning. Serve it as an accompaniment to many dishes this makes a complete Indonesian experience out of any meal.
  • Sarikayo Telor. For a desert with a difference this Indonesian specialty is a steamed egg and coconut milk concoction flavoured with vanilla for the perfect end to any Indonesian meal.